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This fall John Katsantonis of ePrairie fame had a three part series, #1, #2, #3, on the proposed Wi-Fi in the City of Minneapolis. John also has good information on how the City of Chaska offers its service.

MPR has an update on its site.

There is a growing debate on how the system should be set up and who has ownership of it. Personally, I do not like government doing something I can do for myself whether they own/run it or not. I already have a high-speed connection at home and at work so I do not know that I would be a customer.

Saying that I do like the affordability of it and the hope that the “digital divide” is reduced. Now if someone could work on a program to get computers to low-income residents I would think this is a great idea. Without the ability to have a computer who needs connectivity?

This jury, being me, is still out…


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