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Outsourcing, Remember The Employees - October 19

IT Week is a UK site and they have written about outsourcing/offshoring quite a bit. While some of the intricacies of how such deals work are a little different the overarching principles are the same.

Particularly, what to do about the workers. The article includes a case study on a manager who was outsourced after doing the outsourcing and an employee who went from working for a bank to a technology firm.

Proposed H1-B Increases And Fee Increase Before Congress - October 21

Well this is interesting from In an attempt to increase revenue Congress has been talking about increasing fees on workers visas. Because the workers visas were being talked about industry executives and lobbyists asked for an increase in the number of visas.

Global Sourcing Helping The U.S. Economy? - October 31

With all of the articles in recent months I need to find an economist and one without an agenda that can give an honest opinion on offhsoring. Here is a study commissioned by The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) which in part says,

"…finds that worldwide sourcing of computer software and services continues to increase the number of U.S. jobs, improve real wages for American workers, and has many other economic benefits as a result of pushing the U.S. economy to perform at higher levels.”


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