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Minnesota 7th Smartest State - October 13

So says Morgan Quitno’s annual reference book. Minnesota moved up from 12.

Lessons From Katrina - October 13

As a small business owner and as a headhunter who hears from IT staff about risk management and catastrophe plans there are many lessons to be learned from the hurricanes Katrina and Rita. has this article highlighting the experiences from companies in the Gulf Coast region.

Defense Contractor Lands Large Virginia Outsourcing Deal - November 16

And the big keep getting bigger. According to, Northrop Grumman won the $2 billion dollar State of Virginia deal. 900 state employees will become part of Northrop Grumman and 100 new jobs will be created. At least that’s some good news, jobs also being created.

The article also takes on the idea of local economic impact. I hope someone takes on the impact on the current workers who have been with a state agency and will now work for a publicly held company. Now that should be interesting.


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