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Minnesota Unemployment Claims Growing - October 7

Minnesota Unemployment claims were up quite a bit compared to September of 2004. The Northwest Airlines strike does not help and job growth is not at the same pace as earlier this year.

More Money For The State Of Minnesota - October 10

Minnesota Department of Finance is reporting more cash in state coffers. $282 million is a nice chunk of cash.

Hurricanes Katrina And Rita Not As Large Of An Impact As Thought - October 10

BusinessWeek Online analyzes September payroll report. 20,000 of the 35,000 lost jobs can be put at the doorstep of the Boeing strike.

IT Hiring Back To 2001 Levels - October 12

I like articles that go back in the time machine to what people have said and what the reality is. WebProNews with an article on the current state of IT hiring. From the article,

It's too bad that none of these people took the time to notice that the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics survey in July showed the number of jobs in U.S. IT has rebounded to the highs of 2001.

I do not agree with all of the points in the article, as it is written from a pro-outsourcing opinion, but much of it is on point from what I see.

September Online Job Ads Decline - October 18

The Conference Board Help-Wanted Online Data Series™ reports a 4.4% decrease in the number of online job ads and all 9 regions showing a decline.

3rd Quarter See More Tech Job Cuts - October 18

Let me start by saying I highly respect Challenger, Gray & Christmas but I am not sure about their 3rd quarter report written about at ComputerWorld.

The report has an increase in job cuts from the previous quarter and 140,000+ jobs lost in 2005. The article quotes a statement saying that the rate of hiring has not kept up with the cuts. The statement also suggests that industry consolidation is part of the cause in the reduction.

I rarely question stats and figures from reliable sources but this one has me wondering. I am often accused if being a glass half-full kind of guy but what I see and hear does not correlate with their numbers.

Minnesota September Unemployment Rate Up .1% - October 19

September unemployment numbers were released. Minnesota lost 4,100 jobs and the unemployment rate went up .1% to 3.8%. There has been much written about the slow down of jobs created in the area. I for one think this is a temporary hiccup. If you count the Northwest Airlines mechanic strike, post hurricane, and some companies taking a pause this seems like a short-term issue versus a disturbing trend.

Twin Cities Online Job Ads Continue To Grow - October 20

Business Journal with an article on the September online job report from Monster Worldwide. Overall there was improvement since the May report.

US Economy Doing Better Than Expected - October 28

Here’s a view from across the pond at the BBC on the US economy. GDP grew faster than expected courtesy of government and consumer spending. At the time of this article many questioned the impact of Hurricane Katrina and Rita and oil prices moving forward.

Why Is The Economy Still Strong? - November 1

The Christian Science Monitor has some answers. It is amazing that after all that has gone on abroad and at home politically, with an unfortunate hurricane season, and the general ups and downs of the markets that the U.S. economy is still moving like it is.

Better Unemployment Picture In Minnesota - November 11

After three months of slower gains and one month of actual job losses the number of losses decreased by 4,000. Pioneer Press with some more stats.

Unemployment Down In October - November 15

As expected, more like hoped, the four-month trend of reduced job creation and losses seams to have broke. The state unemployment rate went back to 3.7% getting back it’s .1% it lost in September. Job creation is also 1.4% ahead of the same time period in 2004.


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