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CIO Corner 10/10 - 11/26

CIO Job Market Continues To Improve - October 1, 2005 has more evidence of a stronger job market for CIO’s noting that more companies are hiring.

Job Search For CIO’s - October 7

A fantastic article on for CIO’s particularly, but anyone really, on how to find jobs not posted and how to make sure once an opportunity is found that it is the right opportunity for you.

CIO’s Sticking Around Longer - October 13

This story has statistics from Forrester and Gartner showing that CIO’s are sticking around longer at their jobs than they used to. Four years, plus or minus .5 year, is average. The article has cites many reasons for the longer stay.

Chief Information Security Officer, A New Trend - October 13

CIO Today with an article on the trend of some melding the CIO and CSO and others creating a hierarchy. 40% of respondents say they employ a CISO up from 31% in 2004.

The Evolving CIO - November 16

Seems like everything in IT is changing, including at the top. CIO’s seem to be evolving into many things. Wisconsin Technology Network has a posting on the “hybrid CIO”. There is very little I like about Wisconsin, there goes my Gopher bias again, but this site always seems to have new and thought provoking information.


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