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Networking Takes Work - October 12

Jason Jacobsohn writes for ePrairie.com about networking. This article from him has four main points to be effective at networking. I would add two more to his list. One, when networking ask others how you can help them. What goes around comes around. Two, build the network during the good times so it is ready to be used during the bad times.

IT Salaries Should Increase In 2006 - October 13

A thorough article by CIO Update on IT jobs and salary expectations for 2006. Good news in terns of hiring and an increase in salaries which have been flat at best in most regions the last two years. A couple of sources are cited; Dice.com and Robert Half Technology, and they both have done a good job over the years of predicting trends.

Middle Managers Not Satisfied - October 23

Here are some statistics from an Accenture study that made me pause. 15% of middle managers are dissatisfied with their employers, up from 8% in 2004. 33% described their companies as mismanaged.

While there is some good news the bad news is interesting as many of them will be looking for new employment.

Computerworlds 19th Annual IT Salary Survey Released - October 24

14,000+ workers took Computerworlds salary survey I took the salary survey for a test drive on the North Central Region and the numbers looked like I would have expected.

While salary increases are not that large, 3%, bonuses are increasing. I appreciate that they included other factors in job satisfaction besides salary like job security and stress. I like the responses that many feel well compensated.

It may not be the “good ‘ol days” but I like these days of job security, increasing employment, and minor salary increases. Let’s call them the “normal days”.

IT Auditors In Demand - November 1

SearchCIO.com with a report from Robert Half Technology showing the demand for IT Auditors is up and so are their salaries. SOX and HIPAA are two reasons for the demand.

Minnesota Pay Ranks 10th In U.S. - November 17

Business Journal with a report from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development showing Minnesota has the 10th largest average pay and 11% higher than the national average.

IT In 2010 - November 11

Much has been written since Gartner released its study in September, “The IT Professional Outlook: Where Will We Go From Here?”, about what the coming years in IT will bring.

Tekrati has a posting from Gartner on its site in case you have not seen the highlights of the research.


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