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Employees Intentionally Downloading Viruses – August 22

ComputerWorld has an article about the number of companies reporting malicious acts by employees. Citing some of the reasons for acts as “…today's era of increased outsourcing, corporate downsizing, salary reductions and failed pension-plan promises, company networks are increasingly being attacked by disgruntled employees.”

So your doing a reference check on a potential employee and now you need to ask another question. Something like, so is John Doe the kind of person to release a computer virus should we ever downsize him?

Where Companies Find Their Employees

While looking for statistics and trends on behalf of a client that is reevaluating their recruitment strategy and looking to make changes for 2006 I came across the following, CareerXroads 4th Annual – Sources of Hire. 

The study was released earlier this year. Of importance to my client is 29.6% of hires are from the Internet, broken down by:

-53.3% company website
-8.6% Monster
-8.1% CareerBuilder
-6.1% Hotjobs
-16.9% other niche sites


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