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Stadium On The Agenda, Again – October 6

Pioneer Press reports that Governor Pawlenty and leaders of both the house and senate will meet to talk about a special session with the Gopher and Twins stadium part of the conversation.

Here’s a precious quote from the article:

"Even separate from the issues involved, we're all just sick of each other," said Sen. Richard Cohen, DFL-St. Paul.

Sen. Cohen, many of us average folk feel the same about the whole lot of you.

In fact, many of us are sick of the people we work with yet somehow we manage to get up every morning and do our job anyway. Maybe you all could take a lesson from us.

Governor And Legislators Meet On Special Session – October 7

After a meeting with the Governor and legislative leaders the Pioneer Press reports it appears that the only stadium that may be acted upon in a special session is for Gopher football.


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