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Bloggers Telling It Like It Is, Breaking The Law, Or Both? – September 23

Red Herring has an article on Bloggers and legal issues they/we can face. From the article:

Mr. Wall is just one of many bloggers treading on the undefined legal turf that comes with running a blog, a media form that has become vastly popular in the last few years. Today, bloggers face a host of potential liabilities involving privacy, decency, and copyright infringement. The laws governing traditional journalists as well as online publishers seem to apply in many cases, and a few bloggers have found themselves at the center of cases.

I will tell you that I did not put much thought into the legal side of things when I started this blog, MN Headhunter. I was thinking, and do so every time I hit “post”, that what I am producing is read by many people and that sooner or later something I say will come back to haunt me.

Email Archiving And The Law – September 26

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal with an article titled “Top 5 Strategic Email Compliance Mistakes”. I like this article because it gives action items to the mistakes listed.

Research From World Class IT Organizations – September 27

The Hackett Group, a business process advisory firm, has released its 2005 Book of Numbers. A press release states:

According to Hackett's research, world-class IT organizations now spend 10 percent more than typical companies on IT ($9,617 versus $8,715 per end user). World-class IT organizations now rely on 28 percent fewer staff than typical companies (26.5 versus 36.8 IT staff/thousand end-users). However they show fully-loaded wage rates that are 32 percent higher ($119,383 versus $90,766/IT staffer). This wage rate gap has grown dramatically over the past two years. At the same time, world-class companies are seeing turnover rates for professionals and managers that are 84 percent and 150 percent higher than typical companies, respectively.

Interesting to see that “world class IT organizations” have wages and higher turnover.

CIOs And Analysts Predict Flat To Marginal Growth In IT Budgets – September 27

Huh, CIO Today reports that after delaying spending from 2000-2003 and then opening the coffers from 2003-2005 companies that 2006 will see a 0-3% increase in spending. Not to say that projects will not occur and upgrades in equipment not be done but a case must be made for the expenditures.

Monster.com Looking Over Its Shoulder? – October 3

Boston Globe with an article on Monster.com and competition it is facing. I have written before that to me the job posting aggregators like SimplyHired, Indeed, and the local venture Fetchster make a lot of sense. I have suggested to every one of my clients and contacts that this gives them another opportunity to reach job seekers.

Besides, posting on their own web site should be convenient and they do not need to worry about the number of jobs, read that as dollars spent, posted.

Work vs. Family, How To Juggle – October 3

Business Week with perspective on work and family. While I don’t yet have the pressure of juggling a marriage and children I do struggle with balancing work, volunteering, and free time. There are a lot of good tips including how to use technology to your advantage without getting consumed by it, how to juggle work and home life, and how to work at home.


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