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Think You Know Your IT Staff? Guess Again.

My friends know that I over communicate everything and that I ask a lot of questions. I can be unintentionally annoying with how far I go but I learned a long time ago that assuming anything is a recipe for disaster.

ComputerWorld had a great article last week titled IT workers: You can't always guess what they want.

A great article to get recruiters, headhunters, human resources, and hiring managers to rethink what they assume their IT staff wants. Pay is rarely the overall deciding factor on whether to stay at or accept a new position. Things like recognition, job security, new technology, and flexible schedules or limited evening/weekend work tend to be equal to the pay question.

There is also this great bit that not all workers want the same thing:

Another challenge is that different workers want different things. LeClaire divides IT employees into three broad categories, each of which needs to be engaged in its own way, he says. Some enjoy what they're doing—which is typically focusing on technology—and are motivated by the desire to continue as they are. Some are motivated by new and interesting challenges, such as innovative technologies and projects. Others look to a career path in management.

The conclusion to the article states an obvious action to take but apparently not everyone is doing it. This is a universal idea that works within any industry and also works with personal relationships, family and friends.

Want to know what someone is thinking?

Ask them.


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