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30 Days Until The Michigan Game

No, I am not looking past Colorado State, Florida Atlantic, or Purdue.

In 2003 I sat in the Metrodome and was convinced that I was about to see the ultimate turning point in the Gopher football program. We were kicking Wolverine tail all over the place. The Dome was packed, it was loud, and it was fun.

And then it happened, the great Michigan comeback. On ESPN no less.

That night after a few too many beers I vowed I would go to Ann Arbor in 2004.

I did. My fraternity brother Jason and I took a long weekend to Ann Arbor. Our fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, is headquartered there and the Michigan chapter was kicking off, pardon the pun, their 150th year on campus.

Here are some pics from the Big House.

Gophers_scoreWas_feeling_good_right_about_then_2 Not_so_good_then_4 My_new_friends_michigan_deke_alumni Myself_david_easlick_dke_exec_dir_and_ja

I was convinced we were going to win the game. But there was a weird aura that day. It was Michigan’s Homecoming game. It was as if they, Michigan, knew they were going to come back and win. Kind of like the New York Yankees.

They did.

Let me say something nice about Ann Arbor. I really enjoyed our stay there. The people were friendly, the city is clean, a fantastic college town.

That night after not having any beer I vowed I would go back to Ann Arbor in 2005.

I am.

30 days until the Gophers and their faithful followers make their way back to Ann Arbor to take back the Little Brown Jug. It’s been 21 years.

It’s time., Innovator Or Dinosaur?

In July I had a posting called The Future Of Online Job Postings. Here is a story from Business Week on how is “feeling the heat”.

While the large job boards are talked about smaller, niche, and new players are mentioned too like,, and One national company not listed is SimplyHired.

There is a Minneapolis group that would fit into this category too,, which I will be writing about next week.

As I said in July with the niche, local, and new service providers it will be interesting to see how competes and how much the new players will impact their revenue and earnings.

Posts On

I had a couple of posts on yesterday.

The first is Live Blogging from New Orleans. Michael Barnett of Direct NIC has been posting on his blog and using their cameras all while in their office space in New Orleans. Direct NIC is an ISP with their own fiber optic cable and diesel generator.

The second posting is Employment Statistics. Last Friday the Department of Labor released August employment numbers showing the unemployment rate dropped to 4.9%.

For more click the main link to or the individual posts.

Gopher Football, 1-0

I am a little late with the post. The game went late, I was out of town for the weekend, and I was really busy yesterday so just a brief synopsis of the game.

It was a late game on ESPN2 with a 9:30 pm start time. The earlier game was running late and because of the contract most of the 1st quarter was not seen on TV.

Laurence Maroney had a fast start to the season with a 67 yard run that lasted 16 seconds and finished with 203 yards and 2 touchdowns on 21 carries. Laurence was also the Top Play of the Day on ESPN. They showed a split screen of both his touchdown runs.

The wide receivers did not drop any balls, which is a major improvement from last year. Brian Cupito had a good but inconsistent game. 14-25 for 235 yards. Inconsistent might be too harsh, maybe rusty is a better word to use.

The defense had a couple of missed assignments but they were as physical as I have seen from a Gopher defense in many, many years. We created 4 turnovers but could have had a few more. While I am never happy to see anyone get injured there were quite a few Tulsa players limping around or knocked out of the game. This was a good sign of how our physical play and intensity.

Special teams did well enough considering they are all Freshmen.

Overall it was a good start to the season. This Saturday we host Colorado State, which lost to Colorado. We will get a much better idea of how good this team is this weekend.

Game time is 1 pm and will be shown on ESPN2.

How Much Do You Make

An interesting conversation over on Slashdot titled How Much Money do Programmers Really Make? I am not curious about the dollars being discussed but the logic used to come with them.

Surveys done on income with low sample numbers and with no regard to geography are not worth the ink or bytes used to produce them.

For me the comments section has been a good insight into the psyche of tech folks. Surely I understand that this is not a representation of the whole but it is a group and there are things to be learned on what and how they are thinking.

An Example Of IT Operations During Katrina

With the tragedy ongoing in the southern region of the country I feel uneasy making a post about IT operations during and after Hurricane Katrina. This seems trivial to talk about but everything seems trivial at the moment.

That being said I am sure there will be more stories like the following that will serve as good learning tools for companies of all shapes and sizes.

This article from ComputerWorld details the work of four IT staff members that serve three Starwood Hotels in the New Orleans area. I admire them not only for the work they did but they way they tried to comfort their guests. Amazing work.