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Done a Google Search Of Yourself Lately? Apparently Your Recruiter Has.

The September 12th issue from ExecuNet reports that:

In a recent ExecuNet recruiter survey, 75% of respondents noted that they use search engines to uncover information about candidates and 26% responded that they have eliminated a candidate because of information on the Internet.

I can just hear the keyboard typing now. Let me help, www.google.com.



I have googled candidates and clients and I regulary google myself (you just never know what might be out there). I once found a client had been arrested for defrauding his HOA (twice).


Dave Opton, Founder ExecuNet

What the survey doesn't say, but our members certainly talk about is that this sort of thing can, and is, a two way street. When they are considering making a change, the research capabilities of the Internet on many levels, help them to evaluate both people and cultures.

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