Microsoft Sues Eight Companies Including One From The Twin Cities
Done a Google Search Of Yourself Lately? Apparently Your Recruiter Has.

2005 Opportunity Forecast Released

The Great North Alliance made up of CEO level leaders from business, labor, government, and non-profits has released its 2005 Opportunity Forecast. The group is non-partisan and truly strives to bring leaders from a variety of backgrounds and experience.

While our economy is still strong and we have many strengths that make us one of leading metropolitan areas there are signs of emerging weakness.

The Good:

The number of Inc. 500 companies, high growth companies, social capital, quality of life, and education including the University of Minnesota.

The Bad:

We have not benefited as much in the economic recovery as other areas, lack of funds allocated to transportation, and a decrease in the number of bachelor’s degrees per capita and those between 18-34.

The Ugly:

Government conflict. I feel a Political Rant coming to a blog near you…

Overall the Twin Cities was graded at a B-, down from a B in 2003.

Ranking ahead of us are Boston (A), Atlanta and Phoenix (B) and tied with the Twin Cities are Austin and Orange County (B-).


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