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How I Became A Headhunter, Part 1

"Lets Go Gophers"

What do “Gophers” have to with a blog written by a MN Headhunter? Well for me, everything. Being a graduate of the University of Minnesota and a football season ticket holder I get excited this time of year.

See I believe every year around this time we are going to the Rose Bowl. Yes we are. Completely convinced. In fact this year I am shooting even higher because the Rose Bowl is home to the National Championship game. OK, so maybe this year not the Rose Bowl but still the Big Ten championship.

I heard, but have not read, that ESPN.com picks the Gophers tied for 7th in the Big Ten. Bah, Humbug. What the heck do they know anyway?

In the coming days I will be talking a little more Gopher football. I ask that my recruiting friends, candidates, and general readers that are expecting recruiting news from the MN Headhunter RSS feed to have some patience with me.



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