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How I Became A Headhunter, What's Next

How I Became A Headhunter, Part 3

There were many lessons learned from working at that search firm. Really they are common sense and are learned every day by a youngster some where in this country working a lemonade stand at the end of their driveway.

Have a good product, price it fairly, customer service, communication, run a clean operation. (Literally and figuratively)

So why did I go out on my own? I had nothing to lose and figured I had a road map of how not to be a Headhunter so I could learn how to do it right.

By the way I worked there from November of ’97 to April of ’98. I was the first to leave and many did the same over the next months. The search firm went out of business in ’99.

Most importantly going out on my own gave me freedom. Freedom to choose who I wanted to work with, how to market myself, who and how to recruit, and most importantly to work in a system I felt comfortable in.

There was also the personal freedom that went with going out on my own. I was not then, and am not now, a morning person. By nature I am a night owl and do my best work from 9 pm to 2 am. So I compensate by sending out email late at night and follow up with a phone call the next day.

While I do not recommend doing it this way to everybody it works for me. More than anything, I have found clients that it works for. I have found that I am not the only one sending email late at night. I have a standing IM with a client on Wednesday nights as it allows us to gauge the progress of the week and to talk about their needs for the next week.

So that’s how I got into being a Headhunter. There are many stories and lessons learned from the years that over time I will jot down here on MN Headhunter.

There is one part to this story left to post.

What’s next…


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