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CHiP’s Ask Geek Squad To Pull Over

I don’t live in California. Never visited either although I have a good friend, Michael, who relocated to L.A. 10 years ago. He gave up on inviting me out there because it seems like something always has come up.

He gets married in May of ’06. Yeah, I’ll make it there finally.

When I get there a few things will have changed. Geek Squad will have expanded their operations in California and the cars, VW Beatles, will have new paint jobs.

Seems that the California Highway Patrol is taking issue with the paint job of the Geek Squad cars. CHiP thinks that a guy driving down the road may mistake a Geek Squad car for a CHiP car. CHiP has even ticketed a Geek Squad car in the Bay Area.

Seriously? A VW Beatle looks nothing like a Crown Victoria.

There are great quotes in this Star Tribune article from Robert Stephens, founder of Geek Squad, and a couple of CHiP’s finest.

One last thought… Your driving down the road, any road in any state, and see a squad car behind you and the lights/siren are not on. Why would you move over? Your first reaction may include am I speeding, tabs expired, run a Stop sign, have unpaid parking tickets, etc.

It normally takes about 5 seconds to realize that you have not broken any laws. The driver that moves out of the way or pulls over to the shoulder probably has something to hide.

So in reality the Geek Squad with their current paint job is doing a public service by getting all of the lawbreakers to think twice while driving.

As a public service announcement ChiPs, Ponch, Jon and the gang not the previously mentioned public servants, has a web site.


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