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American Indians Entering The Outsourcing Game

I have had two posts on outsourcing to rural America, Outsourcing To Rural America and Outsourcing To Duluth?. This article from AberdeenNews.com talks about how the Oglala Lakota Sioux are doing quality control on data entry done in China for US companies.

This is another example of US companies paying a fair wage for work to be done here. Data entry is not the only work being done:

Ford Motor Co., Dell Inc. and Capital One all are interested in working with tribes instead of sending work to India, Ireland and the Philippines, he said. Language barriers, distance management issues and security-sensitive work that can't be sent overseas are all factors, Brown said.

"In many ways, American Indians are entering the outsourcing marketplace at a good time. There's plenty of work to be had, and for some CIOs the offshore honeymoon is over," he said. "They're looking for a low-cost and high-quality onshore option."

The Cedar Band of Paiutes in Utah is also tapping into government and commercial outsourcing contracts. In 2004 it did $14 million in revenue and 2005 is projected at $40 million.

Four reservations in Utah have created between 150-180 full-time jobs.


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