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GoRecroot (www.gorecroot.com) is an intelligent, global, multiple sector, jobs to resume sourcing and mapping engine. GoRecroot is multi dimensional, multi media (images, voice, video and text-data) and mobile enabled.

Powered by custom algorithms and cognitive search sciences, GoRecroot brings the recrooter (recruiter) and the jobber (job seeker) to actionable results in short spans of time and exponential savings.

GoRecroot has specialized feature sets for:
1.Recruiters, placement consultants, Corporate HR, staffing, agencies – Recrooters
2.Job seekers, candidates, job applicants – Jobbers
3.HR branding specialized web products - for corporates, recrooters, agencies
4.Job position and resume referrers – agents

>>>>What is special for Recrooters?

Laser sharp jobs to resume sourcing and mapping
No block or advance payments – Innovative on demand micro payments model
No sign up or account access fee
Online job order creation wizard
Specialized products for Recrooters to attract skills
Revolutionary web partnership program for Recrooters
Create value and earn from your resume archives
Mobile integration – comprehensive business features, SMS on the go
Recrooter groups, events and blog
Membership and reward points
Recrooter contest and fabulous prizes
Photo, audio, video – know your target jobber better
More features and benefits coming soon

>>>> What is special for Corporates?

No sign up fees or block advance payments
No restrictions on number of users in your account
Micro payments that will soothe your budget pains
Specialized products for your recruiting outreach programs
Global network of recrooters – best attention and reaction times for your job orders
Mobile integration – comprehensive business features
Mobile and SMS products for recruiting and HR brand building
Multi dimensional mapping, filtering, slice and dice – huge time savings
Photo, audio, video added in resumes – know more before you hire

>>>> What is special for Jobbers?

We bring global recrooters together – you have your best shot here
Photo resumes, Voice resumes, Video resumes
Specialized products for you to target opportunities and choose your career path
Mobile integration – comprehensive job search features
Mobile and SMS alerts
Custom resume creation wizard
Powerful multi dimensional job search
Tell a friend contests

Working closely with the recruiting industry and focusing on business pain areas, GoRecroot brings results and solutions for recruiters, corporates and for Jobbers. GoRecroot is purely an online enterprise and is supported by a fast growing community of affiliates from around the world.

To know more about the GoRecroot ‘effect’ on recruiting and job searching, to talk to a vibrant community of progressive recrooters, blog at www.gorecroot.com

GoRecroot is backed by a US based multinational with around 50+ person years of global staffing solutions experience.

To contact us visit "www.gorecroot.com"

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