3rd Quarter To See Increase In IT Hiring
I Am Quoted In The Star Tribune This Week

Competing In The Global IT Job Market

A good article from InfoWorld on how to survive the trend of outsourcing and offshoring. So many articles lately have been about the gloom and doom of the next ten years but this one has tips on how to survive and what skills will likely be in demand.

While all three pages are a good read, here are a few highlights:

-IT workers with project management skills and the ability to work with non-technical people will be in high demand.

-The inset on page 2, “Seven Keys to Job Security”.

-Having the capability to handle the third party or outsourcer will become a key skill.

The last paragraph, The classic bad news is, your manager calls a meeting and says, ‘Your department is being outsourced’,” Trowbridge says. “The IT worker with a better shot at success is the one willing to study how the work will be migrated, how that transition will be managed, and what all the steps are. Learn that and you’ve just made yourself more valuable.”


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