An Intro To The Minnesota Startup And Tech Scene

As 2017 was winding down I was getting a number of inquiries about the Minnesota startup and tech scene from people outside Minnesota. Most inquiries are coming from a few regions:

  • San Francisco and Silicon Valley
  • Chicago, Detroit… Midwest
  • Seattle
  • Austin and Dallas

So I did a Q&A online with a "101" level agenda that started on these topics and grew from there:

  • Overview of the Minnesota Startup and tech scene
  • Where to get news and info on companies
  • What events to plan for
  • Trends in venture capital, investing
  • Jobs in demand and salary estimates
  • Cost of living in Minneapolis and St Paul

Below is the session... it's 41 minutes in length.

Who should NOT listen... if you know about MinneBar/MinneDemo,, TechStars, are already attending Minneapolis/St Paul meetups and events and aware of the coworking spaces then this is not likely for you.


  • If you are from outside the Minneapolis and St Paul area and looking at the region as a place to live and work
  • If you are in the area and looking to get into, get more involved in the local tech scene


  • You do not have to be a Developer, DevOps Engineer, Product Manager, Designer, CTO, etc. If you are in Sales, Marketing, HR, Customer Success and are looking at what the tech scene has to offer this will be good info for you. Yes I focus a bit on tech jobs but the rest of the content will help you

This is my first time doing a session on this topic so consider this my MVP. What did I miss? What were you hoping to hear? Send me an email 

If you want to know more about the area send me a note.

Here we go...


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