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What is coming here in the next days, I swear it is true, are complete sections on LinkedIn, Resume, Personal Branding and Networking.

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Be Your Own Headhunter

If you are new to me or not aware that I am bringing back (with an update because of COVID 19) my Be Your Own Headhunter job search webinars please click the video above.

NOTE: below are FAQ’s and there is A LOT of information. If you have a question and do not see an answer, see a typo or other mistake send me an email [email protected]

UPDATES and questions received:
  • I can’t listen to my session live. Can I register and listen to it later?

    • Yes

  • Your video says the 50% discount for your birthday ends at 11:59 pm Sunday but it still appears. Which is it?

    • I am keeping it for the 2nd week

  • Is this for people only in Minnesota?

    • Any city. While screen shots, prewritten LinkedIn searches, etc use Minneapolis and St Paul as examples the content works for Boston, Charlotte, Austin, Bay Area , Duluth and Topeka

  • I’m moving out of the Bay Area, which session is for me?

      • “Planning A Future Job Search” is for you

What is Be Your Own Headhunter?

This is an aggressive… no “BS” approach that many have called the butt kicking they needed to become more direct and proactive in their job search.

I will challenge you to think like a Headhunter, empower you to take control of and accelerate your job search and show you how I would do a job search using my 20+ years of recruiting experience.

If you already  are connecting with HR, Recruiters and Hiring Managers, know how to find email addresses of hiring managers and are getting timely feedback on your resume then this session is not for you.

If you are wondering how to find the “hidden job market” (it’s not hidden), be more aggressive with your job search approach or are relying solely on Indeed and LinkedIn to find jobs to apply to then this session is for you.

What are the webinars and for who?
In the past I have done one session for everyone but we are in a funky/weird/different economic time that has people in different circumstances. So… 4 sessions plus “Office Hours”:
  • Job Search For All

    • Just as it says… whether you are in marketing, customer service, retail, social media, manufacturing, hourly worker or c suite, this is for you. You are in an active/urgent search.

  • Pro Tech Edition

    • For those in the tech industry who are 2+ years in their career. You’ve already had at least one job and want someone to show you how to do a job search less angst than previous searches. You are in an active/urgent search.

  • Jr Tech Edition

    • You are a recent or soon to be graduate of a coding/UX bootcamp, college or university. Self learners too. Finding the first job in tech can be a grind and this shutdown/recession has complicated things. You are in an active/urgent search.

  • Planning A Future Job Search

    • This was the original session I was going to do for 2020. Late last year I was being asked to lay the foundation to do a job search some time in 2020. Some of you still can/want to do that. Also… for those of you who are employed but concerned about your role, company and what may be ahead. This is for you too. You are in a planning/passive search stage.

  • Office Hours

    • While Q&A is strongly encouraged during the live sessions, you likely have more or a scenario that come up after. Or, you heard it on demand and was not able to ask your question(s). This is the chance for that. If you haven’t attended a session… that’s OK. I gladly answer questions you have.

What do they cost?
For years I have been asked:
  • Paul, can you find me a job?
    • No, that’s not how this (what I do) works
  • Paul, what does it cost to have you be my job coach?
    • I have never felt comfortable being in the job/career coach space and charging $100’s or $1,000’s of dollars.

My answer to the above… let me show you how I would do it, with “office hours” so you can ask questions at a nominal fee

Because I turned 50 years old last week (it’s OK, I’m cool with the number) and because this is the first week with a soft launch (and surely some bugs to work out) I am knocking the price down 50%:

  • Job Search For All => $47

  • Pro Tech Edition => $47

  • Jr Tech Edition => $27

  • Planning A Future Job Search => $97

  • Office Hours => Free

How long are the sessions?

The sessions have been around 75 minutes including Q&A depending on the amount and their depth.

What do I get?

Access to the recording, the slide deck including the pre written LinkedIn searches and access to “Office Hours” for as long as you need them.

Do you have additional resources?

Yes… or, I will.

This week (7/14) I will be adding full written presentations on how I would use LinkedIn, Personal Branding, Resume and Networking in my job search. Rather than do those as additional webinars and add on fees… you’ll see those categories on the right column as they appear.

I will also be adding the TV and podcast appearances mentioned in the video

Schedule and Fees (click the links below to register):

Can you guarantee this will find me a job?

No… that’s just the truth.

I can give you proven tools, strategies and techniques that I would use but how you use them, your industry, skill set and location… frankly there are no guarantees.

However… I am certain that a session with me will make it go faster, a bit easier and with reduced peak and valley emotions.

And… if you don’t think this has helped you, I gladly refund your money.

What I want is for you to send me an email in the coming weeks that because in part of what I brought to you, you found your next job.


Paul DeBettignies is better known online as Minnesota Headhunter. He is a Minnesota Recruiter, Advocate and Advisor who builds teams with startups and tech companies, creates recruiting strategies for Fortune 500 clients and author of Minnesota Headhunter (the longest running regional recruiter blog).

He is a frequent local and national speaker, trainer and subject matter expert on recruiter, HR, career, networking and social media topics. Activities include presentations at Twin Cities Startup Week, Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp, Frontend Masters, Google for Entrepreneurs, SourceCon, Michigan Recruiters Conference, Minnesota Recruiters, MN HR Tech Expo, Social Media Breakfast, University of Minnesota, Target, CHS, Minnebar, MNTRN and ERE Conference. Interviews include NPR, WCCO AM (CBS) Radio & TV, KARE TV (NBC), MSP Business Journal, Minneapolis StarTribune and

Paul is involved in the Minneapolis and St Paul technology, marketing and social media communities as a supporter of Twin Cities Startup Week, MinneBar & MinneDemo, DocuMNtary, Make It MSP, Prime Digital Academy, mentor to recruiters and technologists and is the founder of Minnesota Talent Leaders and Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp.