What role can I play in your recruiting… what is your biggest obstacle, the thing getting in the way of your recruiting right now?

And if we could knock that down, what would be the impact on the business?

Lots of people including me can solve your immediate recruiting issues… very few if any can help you build your team, grow your talent pipelines, improve your process and strategy and tell your story as well as I can.

My 20+ experience extends from working with Minnesota and Midwest startups to Fortune 500… I want to build teams like I have with Granicus, Total Expert, Foundry, When I Work, HomeSpotter, Zipnosis, SPS Commerce, TCF Bank, Dispatch and Daugherty Business Solutions.

And while my focus is on tech, product, data, digital and design… I am frequently recruiting sales, marketing, operations and senior leader roles.

Walk me through your recruiting challenges… let’s have a fun  conversation. Click => Paul DeBettignies calendar

Core recruiting and strategy activities include:

  • Branding – Sourcing – Recruiting – Hiring – Onboarding – Retention – Culture
  • Analytics
  • People Operations

4 focuses of work:

  • Senior Recruiter
    • You are looking for dedicated help with recruiting including: source/recruit/hire, process/strategy and evangelism/advocacy in the community
  • Talent Scout
    • You have the above covered. What you need is someone to always be on the lookout for people who can contribute to your team. You need more conversations to be had about and introductions to you. You need a talent pipeline built/expanded.
  • Advisor (Friend)
    • You need to take a step back from recruiting by the day/week/month and think about talent acquisition, onboarding, retention, plans for the next year and be kept current on trends and news.
  • Hiring Coach
    • You, executive team, hiring managers and/or recruiters need to be shown new tools, tactics and strategies. You need a blueprint/recipe/play book and can then implement it.

What you get when you work with me… a recruiter who understands all facets of recruiting including:

  • building talent pipelines (now) and talent pools (future)
  • employer branding and use of social media
  • creating effective recruiting strategies
  • optimizing recruiting process
  • company, team and culture fit
  • candidate experience and engagement
  • proven track record of building teams
  • mentoring hiring managers

I am not just a recruiter… I am a:

  • Brand ambassador
  • Trusted advisor for senior leadership
  • Recognized thought leader in the local and national recruiting community

Sponsor & Supporter:

  • Twin Cities Startup Week
  • Hack the Gap
  • Minnebar & Minnedemo
  • DocuMNtary

Active in the MN tech scene:

  • Minnebar Speaker (13x)
  • Volunteer with Prime Digital Academy
  • Volunteer with Make It MSP

Speaker (sample):

  • National conferences
    • Sourcecon
    • ERE
  • Regional conferences
    • Minnesota Recruiters
    • Michigan Recruiters

  • Fredrikson & Byron’s Annual Employment and Labor Law Seminar
  • Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp
  • Twin Cities Startup Week

Why you want to work with me:

  • I am fiercely loyal to those around me
  • I am highly visible in the tech community
  • Committed to the Minnesota and Midwest tech scene
  • You’re looking for someone to be a partner and friend, an extension of your company
  • You would like an advisor who has your back at all times

Examples of work:

  • You are a startup or small tech company and need to start increasing your staff
  • You are a Fortune 500 company and are building a new technology team
  • You are a Dev shop and need continuous development of a talent pipeline
  • You are looking for teaching, training and mentoring of your recruiting team
  • You want someone to start an internal dialogue on talent acquisition
  • You have a strategic, key hire at a director level and above
  • You need someone to talk through a hiring problem at 11 pm


Paul DeBettignies is better known online as Minnesota Headhunter. He is a Senior Tech Recruiter, Senior People Operations Consultant, Advisor and Advocate for the MN Tech scene. A builder of teams with startups and tech companies throughout the country with a focus on Minnesota and the Midwest, creates recruiting strategies for Fortune 500 clients and author of Minnesota Headhunter (the longest running regional recruiter blog).

He is a frequent local and national speaker, trainer and subject matter expert on recruiter, HR, career, networking and social media topics. Highlights of presentations include Twin Cities Startup Week, Minnebar, Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp, Frontend Masters, Google for Entrepreneurs, SourceCon, ERE, Michigan Recruiters Conference, Minnesota Recruiters, MN HR Tech Expo, University of Minnesota and Target.

A trusted media resource for NPR/MPR, WCCO AM (CBS) Radio & TV, KARE TV (NBC), KSTP TV (ABC), MSP Business Journal, Minneapolis StarTribune and Dice.com

Paul is involved in the Minneapolis and St Paul technology, marketing and social media communities as a supporter of Twin Cities Startup Week, MinneBar & MinneDemo, DocuMNtary, Make It MSP, Prime Digital Academy, mentor to recruiters and technologists and is the founder of Minnesota Talent Leaders.