Recruiting Tips: Show Your “Under Construction” Photos

I just had a long conversation with a Minneapolis startup CTO and we were talking about their upcoming expansion including an office move and build out. He was wondering if they should show off the move, new space and if so how often and in what form.

Of course my answer to him was yes they should. It shows momentum, growth and keeps friends and followers of the company engaged during what is usually a chaotic time.

He noted that a number of groups in Minneapolis have recently or are currently going through this and for the most part have been very quiet about it.

This is true and I did not surprise him when I said that being quiet about it has been a HUGE mistake for these groups. One group told me they have been “too busy” and another that they would “never show the messy part to it”.

My opinion… that’s just being lazy.

One of the easiest ways to show the success and growth of a company is to post “under construction” updates. I recommend taking a weekly photo and posting on company, senior leadership and if they want to… employee accounts. This can be on any/all of: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Conversation With A Minneapolis Java Developer: Ageism In Tech

Ageism In

Last week I had a conversation with a late 50 year old Java Developer here in Minneapolis. He was looking for some career and job search advice. I had not yet seen his resume and not looked him up online so I had no “bias” leading up to our conversation.

We spoke a bit about his skill set, experience and what he wants to be working on. I was thinking:

Dang, I don’t get why this guy is needing advice. He’s really good.

About halfway into our chat he asked:

Why can’t us grey haired folks find a job? I am not too old to code.

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Recap: Sourcecon Fall 2015 Dallas

Yesterday I was on a flight a day early to Sourcecon Spring 2016 in Orlando and realized I never wrote about Sourcecon Fall 2015 in Dallas. Before I recap Dallas I am going to give some advice to those who are attending Sourcecon for the first time including a number of friends and colleagues from Minnesota.

DO NOT sit next to your coworkers… you see them every day. Sit next to, have dinner with and go to Happy Hour with people you do not know

DO follow along with #Sourcecon on Twitter

JOIN the Sourcecon Group On Facebook

DO say hey to those LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram friends you have not met in real life

DO NOT do the day job while at the event. You or your company spent a lot of $$$... soak it all in

DO have conversations like, “This is what I am doing to find (fill in the blank) how do you do it?” Peer sharing is easy at this event

DO ask “that question” during a session you are dying to ask but are too afraid to

DO have a good time

DO NOT have too a good a time :)

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Trend: More IT Pros Quitting Their Jobs

Recruiting… recruiting… recruiting…

It’s all everyone in my world talks about.

And I get it.

But once every six months or so I write a post here about retention… a reminder that we’re all recruiting IT pros and they have to come from somewhere… they don’t grow on trees.

A portion of them can be found:

- as recent college or coding school grads

- as they convert from contracting and consulting to full time status

- as they relocate to the area

Most of them of are already working at another company and whether they find us through job posts, our career page, referrals, networking or we are recruiting them…. they are moving around in larger numbers than a year ago.

You hear it at user groups (from Dev’s), a frequent topic during Twin Cities Startup Week (CIO’s, Recruiters and Dev’s) and again this past weekend at Twin Cities Code Camp (from Dev’s).

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Survey: 20% Of IT Pros Are Not On LinkedIn… Some Thoughts

LinkedIn For Recruiting, Minneosta Recuriter, Minnesota IT Jobs

A survey from Stack Overflow says that 20% of those surveyed (those on Stack Overflow) do not have a LinkedIn profile.

Like with all surveys (I say this every time I post something like this) the “who was surveyed” matters. Maybe the IT pros on Stack Overflow are less likely by nature to also be on LinkedIn?

I don’t want to get lost in that part although I was surprised given what I hear at tech groups and meetups in Minneapolis the number is not higher. Yes, I said higher.

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Minnesota IT Jobs: How Stiff Is The Recruiting Competition From Silicon Valley?

“There’s no way we can compete with Facebook.”

My reply:

“Who cares?”

That was part of an IM with CTO a couple of weeks ago after one of his senior developers gave his two weeks notice. He is leaving for Silicon Valley and Facebook.

With there being a number of these stories the past 24 months a lot of locals, from recruiters to CEO’s, are concerned with the “exodus” to the West Coast.

As I noted in my (video posted below) we have had a number of Silicon Valley, San Francisco and Seattle tech companies recruiting here. This is a slide as an example of Amazon’s activity here (click to enlarge):

Amazon Recruiting In Minneapolis

I don’t think Facebook, Amazon and other West Coast tech companies recruiting here are the big issue.

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Minnesota IT Jobs: Do We Have Enough Talent In Minnesota?

I posted the for 2015 yesterday (and below) and have already had a number of inquiries mostly from Minnesota startup and tech company (a few from San Francisco and Silicon Valley) CEO’s – CIO’s – CTO’s – Recruiters asking some version of this question:

Do we have enough IT pros in Minnesota?

That’s a loaded question because I already know they believe the answer is no. And the reason why is they are having a hard time with hiring.

This is my perspective and opinion, just want to get that out there before saying this…

YES there is.

And companies are proving it every day.

A large number of companies are growing their teams, some of them significantly and with little effort.

The question should be:

How big is the pool of people who want to work at this location, in this culture, with these benefits, on this product, with these people, for this CEO, with this manager, at this salary and do we have an effective recruiting strategy?

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Minnesota IT Jobs And Unemployment Q1 ‘15

Q4 ’14 I held a number of roundtables with Minnesota Recruiter and HR colleagues to talk about recruiting, IT jobs and salary statistics. I do this every Q4 and it allows us to share information, confirm and/or question what we see going on from our corner of the community.

Last year most of the discussions were held in mid-December and a few of us mentioned that it seemed that a lot of IT pros were moving around to new companies or going on their own as consultants.

Some said they did not see it.

As 2015 has progressed many Minnesota Recruiter and HR colleagues have been talking about it. “Churn” is a word many of us are using and most say that it started around December 1st.

And we are seeing more of it.

At MinneBar 10 (April ’15) it was very noticeable when talking to Developers. Quite a few had made a move since December 1 ’14 and more were talking about doing it this spring.

Dice has an analysis with BLS (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) numbers and they show an uptick in the number of “Voluntary Quits” in Q1 2015 from Q4 2014:

Average Quits In IT

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The Best BLEEPING Job Description Ever

Last week a CraigsList job ad from a “San Diego Tech Company” spread fast in the developer community across the country. Which is odd right because when was the last time anyone in any industry passed around a job description?

And they liked it.


The same job description met with a lukewarm response in the Recruiter and HR community. Some said it promoted the wrong things. That the culture sounded like a bunch of boys on the playground. Blah, blah, blah.

The number of times the “f word” (along with other “colorful” words”) is used has something to do with it.

Which may explain why IT pros loved it. And not just the fellas. From what I could tell a nearly equal number of women like it too.

Below are screen shots of the now infamous description.

My though is this… get past the cuss words and grandiose language used.

This is one of the best job descriptions I have seen.


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