Minnesota Morning… Nerdery Layoff, Minneapolis Public School Layoff And March Madness

Depending on the weather person you listen to we are going to get “a little” to “a lot” of snow today. Good, we need the water. Hearing of “flash drought” potential and thinking about low lake levels has me quite OK with whatever happens today.

Last weekend it was 70F with ice melting on area lakes. The forecast has us above freezing… let it snow, it will melt in a couple of days. Spring is here. There I said it.

Nerdery Layoff

Friday afternoon The Nerdery announced it laid off 23 staff members including 15 in Minneapolis. The MSP Business Journal reports in Layoffs at The Nerdery cut workforce by 4 percent that those impacted were in accounting, development, facilities, quality assurance and project management.

While I have been critical of layoffs involving Minnesota companies the past year this one, while unfortunate, I can understand. The Nerdery is working in a fast pace, always changing world. It will not shock me that we see more of these micro staff reductions at companies.

Hopefully they and other groups will do what they can to retrain and keep the folks internally or help them have a soft landing with other groups in town.

NOTE: MinneBar 10 is on April 11th and I will once again be doing a career maintenance Q&A. Click Managing Your IT Career v7 - (Why do recruiters suck so bad?) for details.

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Target Layoffs 2015 - Thousands Of Minnesota Jobs Lost

This day, this announcement was coming... I don’t think anyone expected the number to be so large.

Last week Target CEO Brian Cornell had a conference call announced that over the next two years thousands of jobs will be cut as part of a $2 billion a year cost saving program. Most of those cuts will be in the corporate offices of Minneapolis and Brooklyn Park.

Below is the Target press release.

There has been a lot of speculation of who, when, where, what this means for Target and the city of Minneapolis.

It looks like starting this morning and through the rest of the week we are going to find out. I am told some Directors were notified today with Managers and Staff finding out tomorrow and through the week.

As I type this Governor Dayton is giving a press conference following his meet with Brian Cornell.

I was interviewed by Angela Davis of WCCO TV for a story this evening.

Here are some articles from the past week that I think answer most questions that people have at this point. I will try and take on some others tomorrow as we get a better idea of what is going on:

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Minnesota Recruiter Jobs

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Event: Midwest Capital Call 2015

Midwest Capital Call 2015

The next Midwest Capital Call hosted by TECHdotMN is March 5th, 2015.

This is a great event for entrepreneurs who are thinking about or in the process of looking for funding.

One part panel conversation and one part individual Q&A.

Investors attending include:

  • Seth Levine, Foundry Group
  • Joy Lindsay, Star Tec Ventures
  • James Burgum, Arthur Ventures
  • Daren Cotter, Angel Investor

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21 Ways To Not Quit A Job

I quit

Do you remember Steven Slater?

I didn’t think so.

He was the JetBlue flight attendant who in 2010 melted down at the end of a flight and quit in a rather theatrical way. A quick post from back then:

Now you remember him, right?

I just did a quick, simple Google search for him and I can’t find anything about him after his cyber celebrity status ended and he was sentenced to probation.

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Event: Michigan Recruiters Conference

Hey Michigan Recruiters… get registered for this:

March 13, 2015 is the first .

Tim Sackett, President of HRU Technical Resources, writer, speaker and all around nice guy, and Jim D’Amico, Director of Talent Acquisition for Spectrum Healthone, writer, speaker and one of the funniest fellas I know, have been thinking about a Michigan Recruiters Conference for about a year and I am freaking thrilled that they are going forward with the idea.

Knowing the impact we had on our Minnesota Recruiter and HR community with a similar event… I know this is going to be big for our Michigan colleagues.

Right there, that is cool news.

There is more because I am going… and speaking.

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Conversation With A Hiring Manager… Are You Handling Me?

Yesterday I had this text exchange:

HIRING MANAGER: Are you handling me?

ME: Yes

HIRING MANAGER: I don't like it

ME: Step back, I got this.

Sometimes in the recruiting process hiring managers and candidates get in their own way. Maybe more often than sometimes.

It may be that they are not being fully transparent with what they want.

It may be that they are being really aggressive with what they want.

This time I had it where the hiring manager and candidate really liked each other and they were trying to be who they thought the other person wanted them to be.

And it was not working… they were trying too hard.

It was like a scene from a junior high school dance… we had both folks trying to lead, follow, then too fast or slow while trying to find the beat.

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Surveys: Top U.S. Jobs 2015

Top Jobs

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be giving a few presentations at the University of Minnesota about job search, networking and how work… how we do it, when and where is changing.

Part of the presentation is what employers are looking for now and how that may change over the next few years. And in part how these jobs, the skills needed for them, may change.

In doing the research I’ll be posting some info here on the blog.

There are some obvious trends with “Top Jobs in the U.S.” surveys… I.T. and health care dominate most of the “top jobs” because of demand and salary. Next comes some marketing and sales. That’s a not surprise as companies are hyper focused on growing revenue. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are also highly ranked.

Note that the surveys use different data for their rankings but generally come to the same results.

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Minnesota Recruiter Jobs

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Target Layoffs 2015 - 550 Minnesota Jobs Lost


(Mar ’15)

(Jan ‘15)

(Jan ‘14)


The speculation can end now in Minneapolis regarding the impact on Minnesota jobs following the January announcement that Target was closing it’s Canadian stores.

This released from Target this morning:

In January, Target announced the company had made the difficult decision to end our Canadian operations. At that time, we shared there would be a headcount reduction at our U.S. and India headquarters as well. Today we informed impacted team members that approximately 550 positions in Minnesota and 170 in India will be eliminated over time.

That includes approximately 350 Minnesota-based positions that are being eliminated today. The majority of the remaining team members are needed through the closure of the Target Canada stores and their positions will be eliminated following the liquidation period.

All affected team members will remain on the payroll for at least 60 days. In addition, comprehensive severance packages are being given to team members based on their years of service. Additionally, each team member will be provided with career outplacement support. Target will also pay the employer portion of their benefits coverage for the next six months.

This is a difficult day for the Target team but we continue to believe that the steps we are taking are the right ones for the company.

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