Event: How to Use Social Media Tools for Recruiting

Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association, Recruiter & HR Speaker

Next month (August 13, 2015) I will be speaking at the Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association on “How to Use Social Media Tools for Recruiting.

While most of my presentations and speaking engagements tend to be in front of Recruiter, HR, Tech groups and private companies the past months the number of inquiries from associations and professional groups is on the rise.

Accounting, finance, marketing are examples and yes magazine publishers too. I’m guessing that is in response to their membership asking for experts to talk with them about the “War for Talent” and the “Skills Shortage”… most companies to some degree are finding it difficult to hire who they are looking for.

I look forward to sharing the tools I use and how I am helping startups and small tech companies compete with the “big” companies in town.

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Call Me… I’m Never Too Busy

Call Paul DeBettignies

I have had what started as a couple, and now grown to quite a few, comments the past months similar to:

  • We had some recruiting we needed help with and knowing how busy you are we called someone else

  • We have been Twitter friends since 2009 and when I needed some advice on my last job search I wanted to reach out to you but I know how busy you are

  • I wanted to bring you in and talk to our executive team about how you use different tools for recruiting but I saw your calendar on the blog and I didn’t think you would have time for us so I didn’t contact you

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Join The Minnesota Headhunter Group On LinkedIn

Minnesota Headhunter, Minnesota Recruiter, Paul DeBettignies

I’m not a New Year’s Resolution kind of guy, I do a theme, but I usually have a couple of “things” I want to get done in the next year.

Thinking about 2015 one of those “things” is to help my friend’s network with each other.

I’ve had a number of conversations the past months where someone said something like:

I was having an issue with a non compete and I ended up with some bad advice.

    • And I was thinking if I had known I would have sent them to Teresa Thompson (disclaimer, she’s my wicked smart attorney).

My sister was looking for a senior level position with Minnesota non profit or community organization.

    • And I was thinking if I had known I would have sent them to Lars Leafblad.

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ToggleGreen Adds Paul DeBettignies To Its Advisory Board

This spring (2014) I was contacted by Mike Stapp to talk about a startup he was working on. We were both working out of CoCo so getting together was easy. Mike walked me through his idea and I was intrigued.

Over the summer Mike’s idea took off and he was busy getting the product put together. I was busy working, fishing and sitting on a dock.

We reconnected this fall when Mike invited me to his office for a quick chat.

That lasted nearly two hours.

Mike walked me through the idea of ToggleGreen and I was jacked up about it. He asked if I would have interest in being on the ToggleGreen advisory board and I don’t think he finished asking the question before I said yes.

So what is ToggleGreen?

The test market is Minnesota IT and creative consultants, contractors and full time employees and the recruiters and companies looking to hire/employ them.

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Minnesota Headhunter Newsletter: 1st Edition

The past weeks I have been doing A LOT of things I had been thinking about doing for a long time… I can check “newsletter” off the list.

Last week I sent out the newsletter below to many, many people.

As usual my “fear” of folks being annoyed was not realized. I have 2.5x number of email asking why I had not been doing this as I do who marked it as “Spam”.

So far it has a 31% Open Rate and 1.2% Opt Out.

Here is a link that should open it in a web browser:

Minnesota Headhunter Newsletter: 1st Edition

To sign up for the newsletter:

Newsletter Sign Up



Here is the simple text version (no columns and no photos):

Friends and Colleagues,

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Paul DeBettignies Interview On Drive ThruHR

Paul DeBettignies, Minnesota Recruiter









Drive ThruHR is hosted by William Tincup (@williamtincup), Bryan Wempan (@bryanwempen) and Nisha Raghaven (@thehrbuddy) and every day during the lunch hour (Noon CT) for 30 or so minutes they speak with someone in the HR and Recruiter space.

Last week I was a guest and had a fun conversation with William.

Some of the topics we covered:

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Event: Social Media – Best Practices for Maintaining an Optimal Online Presence

University of St Thomas Alumni Association

The is co sponsoring an event “Social Media – Best Practices for Maintaining an Optimal Online Presence” and invited me to be the presenter.

I am a big, BIG fan of St Thomas, their staff and alumni and love speaking at their events.

Below is information (note there are two events) and no, you do not need to be a grad of St Thomas or a member of the alumni association to attend.

Register (click the link)

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Minnesota Morning: Minnesota Headhunter LLC Is One Year Old

Downtown Minneapolis

It’s Friday evening December 20th, 2013 and all day something has been bothering me… like I knew I was forgetting about something important.

That nagging feeling.

Most of the work stuff was done. Holiday activities taken care of. End of the week email sent out.

And then it hit me while I was pulling up the blog and looking out the window…

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Working Wednesday… Minnesota Jobs In Technology

For a long, long, long time I have wanted to start a job board to help support the local tech community. Tech defined as IT, Med, Bio, Science, etc.

For whatever reason I never get around to it in part because I do not know what the demand is, will be. I think I know it but then never follow through with it to find out.

Silly, right? Welcome to my world of 15 ideas and not trying 1 of them.

I already own the domain names necessary to do it and/or could just add another page here on the blog.

So here goes my 1st attempt at seeing if there is a need for such a thing.

On Wednesday’s (starting tomorrow and I know this is not a lot of notice) I am going to do this as a blog post here on the main page.

Here is what I am looking for... jobs in:

- IT (developers, programmers, help desk, Big Data, etc.) any kind of company

- Med, Bio and Science companies who have any kind of jobs (Robotics, Project Managers, Marketing, Sales, Executive, Customer Service, HR, etc.)

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