General Mills 2016 Layoffs

General Mills 2016 Layoffs

News today that Minneapolis based General Mils is laying off 400-600 employees and it appears that a number of them are coming at the headquarters.

AdAge has this article General Mills CMO Simonds Out Amid Overhaul and Job Cuts that starts with this and gets in depth on the changes in leadership:

“General Mills is laying out a new global structure including a new global chief marketing officer, and said CMO Ann Simonds would leave at the end of the year.

Along with the CMO shakeup, the company said the overhaul of its global structure includes four group presidents and plans to eliminate hundreds of positions.”


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Minnesota Morning | Atique, Hack The Gap And 10 Hard To Find Tech Skills

Earlier this week I took a drive to St Paul to check out the Christmas lights at Rice Park. A few days prior we had snow on the ground but after some rain it was all gone. I’ll make another trip over there when it snows again. A couple of photos:

 Rice Park, St Paul, Christmas lights Rice Park, St Paul, Christmas lights


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Minnesota Tech Podcast v7


Tech MN, Minnesota Tech 
This past summer Jeff Pesek from Tech.MN invited me to join in on a 2X a month podcast about the Minneapolis and St Paul tech scene with:

Last week we had our 7th podcast where we talk about the headlines Tech.MN has covered, what is going in the Minnesota tech scene and usually some tangents and rants mixed in.

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10 Minutes With Casey Allen, Startup Advisor And Investor

Years ago… oh damn it’s already 10 years ago (click Ten Minutes With), I had an idea that I wanted to “interview” people who are smart, have cool ideas, are people I know (or are friends of friends) that my other friends should get to know. One part share ideas and one part introduce friends to friends.

Think hanging out at a coffee shop with a friend and being able to record the conversation. Because so many times I have walked away from such a conversation and thought, damn… I wish I had written “that thing” down.

I mentioned this to Casey Allen a couple of months ago and he said:

Great, when are you going to start doing this?

I said:


A couple of weeks went by and he asked again. And then a couple of weeks ago he asked again.

I was getting annoyed with him but angry with me for not doing it.

So I asked Casey if he would be willing to be the first one and he said yes.

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93 Minnesota Companies Make the 2016 Inc. 5000 List

2016 Inc. 5000

The 2016 Inc. 5000 list was released this week and 93 Minnesota companies are on it. I did a quick count for 2015 and there were 101 companies and 2014 had 96.

Fun with numbers:

  • Minnesota ranks #19 for companies on the list
  • Minneapolis ranks #16 for companies on the list
  • Prime Therapeutics ranks #1 for revenue

Click the link above to see the whole list and to break it down by location, revenue, industry, etc.

Below is the Minnesota list by: Rank | Name | 3 yr Growth | Revenue

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Minnesota Startup When I Work Raises $15M Series B Round

Some BIG news from When I Work today as the company announced a $15M Series B Round bringing total funding to $24M.

Last week the team found out during the company stand up… this is a photo of Chad Halvorson , CEO of When I Work, and Nick Solaro, Partner at Drive Capital, during lunch answering questions from the team.

Chad Halvorson, When I Work, Nick Solaro, Drive Capital

The press release is below.

This news follows our recent 100 employee celebration from a few weeks ago:


BIG day at @wheniwork... celebrating our team going past 100 employees #StartupLife #WereHiring

A photo posted by Paul DeBettignies (@mnheadhunter) on

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Minnesota Cup 2016 Starts Today

The Minnesota Cup kicks off today and below is a press release with a bunch of information on this years competition.

For more information and to follow along click:

Minnesota Cup (web site)

Minnesota Cup (Facebook)



Press Release:


The nation’s largest statewide new venture competition is accepting applications beginning March 21—for a chance to win a share of nearly $400,000!

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Minnesota Fastest Growing State For IT Jobs - Summer 2015

Since around the beginning of Q2 ‘15 I have been a part of many conversations with recruiters in town, startup and Fortune 500, about some trends we have been seeing including:

- Generally companies are in another hiring spree

- Companies seem to be loosening up their job requirements

- There seems to be a small inflow of IT pros from the west coast

This week from

Pop quiz: What’s the fastest-growing state for technology jobs?

You might be tempted to say California or New York, or even North Carolina. But according to new data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s actually Minnesota, which saw the size of its tech workforce jump 8.36 percent over the past six months, to 37,600 workers.

Is Your State Losing Tech Jobs?

Let’s be clear… this is a percentage growth number NOT a total number of jobs created. Clearly other states would be doing better.

This is an important number as it shows the Minnesota tech community continues to grow. Some would have you believe that everyone is leaving for the West Coast.

It’s just not true.

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Minnesota Morning… CoCo NE Open House, Blue Cross Blue Shield IT Layoffs And Gopher Football

With summer winding down (yes it hurts to type that) I have a lot of content and info that I need to get out of my brain so I can get working on some projects and one big event. I may be dropping a lot of random posts here the next week or two related to recruiting, technology, last moments of #LakeLife and because it starts soon… Gopher Football

CoCO Northeast Open House

Last week CoCo had an open house showing off their new space in Northeast Minneapolis. The space used to be the home of Sport Ngin who recently moved down the street into a much larger location.

All of the CoCo locations (Northeast, Downtown, Uptown and St Paul) have their own look and vibe to them. I already like Northeast because of how the space feels, the neighborhood with the arts, coffee shops and breweries and that from Downtown during rush hour I am driving against traffic.

There is also a small roof top patio that I have not used but know I will.

Here are some photos from a couple of weeks ago, days after the move in (not everything was moved in yet):

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Event: How to Use Social Media Tools for Recruiting

Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association, Recruiter & HR Speaker

Next month (August 13, 2015) I will be speaking at the Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association on “How to Use Social Media Tools for Recruiting.

While most of my presentations and speaking engagements tend to be in front of Recruiter, HR, Tech groups and private companies the past months the number of inquiries from associations and professional groups is on the rise.

Accounting, finance, marketing are examples and yes magazine publishers too. I’m guessing that is in response to their membership asking for experts to talk with them about the “War for Talent” and the “Skills Shortage”… most companies to some degree are finding it difficult to hire who they are looking for.

I look forward to sharing the tools I use and how I am helping startups and small tech companies compete with the “big” companies in town.

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