Survey: Minneapolis And Midwest IT Hiring To Increase 2nd Half Of 2017

Hiring in Minneapolis / St Paul and around the Midwest will continue to heat up the 2nd half of 2017 according to the latest Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trend Report. The data mirrors the conversations across the region I have been having.

There may have been a plateau to small increase in the winter and early spring as people figured out what the November ’16 election was going to mean for business. In May and June there was a noticeable uptick and it seems to be carrying through the summer months.

I doubt we will see much of a traditional summer slow down.

Here are the numbers from the Robert Half Survey:

  • 24% of CIO’s say they will increase hiring. That’s up 4% from December.
  • 60% will maintain staff by filling vacant roles.
  • 63% say that it's somewhat or very challenging to find skilled IT professionals in today's market

I would have thought that last number to be a bit higher. Maybe the many employer branding initiatives going on are having a good impact.

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Do We Have Too Many Recruiter And HR Events In Minneapolis And St Paul

Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp, Recruiter Conference

Since announcing the Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp (July 31 and August 1, 2017) online last night and through an email newsletter this morning I have received a large number of supportive messages from friends and colleagues. Those messages are similar with conversations I have had with recruiters, HR leaders, executives and civic leaders in Minneapolis/St Paul and the Midwest over the past months about the need to “amp up” the regions recruiting game.

There’s no doubt there is a need, and demand, for an event like this.

So let’s get to it…

Are there too many Recruiter and HR events in Minneapolis and St Paul?

Hell no.

Let me be more clear… HELL NO.

At a time when surveys say we are near an all time high point that workers are looking for a new job yet most employers are having a hard time hiring…

When a statistic says Minneapolis/St Paul may be 100,000 workers short by 2020 and other cities in the Midwest are struggling to get people to move in the area…

When there is a growing shift of people away from the West Coast…

Our region needs to a better job recruiting and that starts with doing a better job teaching Recruiters, HR pros, Hiring Managers how to source, recruit, market, hire, on board and retain workers.

So do I think adding a new event or group to the mix detracts from the others… hell no.

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Minnesota Morning: Kidizen And Foodsby Funding, Minnesota Tech Podcast And TCF Bank Hiring


After 13 years, 7 months and 4 days of living in the North Loop of Minneapolis I have moved to the Lake Minnetonka area. The North Loop was a great place to live (and work) and I will continue to be there quite a bit with business activities. The area has changed a lot for the better. I will miss the late night views of  the city, river walks and well… walking everywhere but it was time for new scenery.

For those wondering yes, the quiet of #LakeLife is freaking my senses out. I have not heard sirens (police, fire or ambulance) in the 23 days since I moved. But I am adjusting well :)

Last days in the North Loop:

North Loop, Downtown Minneapolis, Warehouse District North Loop, Downtown Minneapolis, Warehouse District North Loop, Downtown Minneapolis, Warehouse District

First days on Lake Minnetonka:

Lake Minnetonka, Lake Life Lake Minnetonka, Lake Life Lake Minnetonka, Lake Life

Kidizen Funding

I first met Mary Fallon, Dori Graff and Dug Nichols at CoCo years ago and have been able to watch their path. It’s been interesting to watch them build the business and now for it to take a next step. Kidizen announced a $3.2M round of funding with some of that geared towards hiring. Check out Kidizen careers (scroll down).

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Recap: MinneDemo 25

MinneDemo, Minnesota Tech Scene, Minnesota IT Jobs


Another fun night at MinneDemo (February 16th, 2017)… one part new Minnesota tech, one part Minnesota tech community reunion and one part networking although for me that last one was mostly nonexistent. More on that later.

MinneDemo 25 was held at The Depot and I am guessing 700+ attended. Here is the crowd at 7 pm not including the folks behind the doors in the atrium socializing:

MinneDemo, Minnesota Tech Scene, Minnesota IT Jobs 

minne* board members Jenna Pederson, Adrienne Peirce and Casey Helbling getting us started:

MinneDemo, Minnesota Tech Scene

I really enjoyed the variety of demos and beginning to end one of the best sets we have had:

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Amazon Hiring Again In Minneapolis Adding 1,000 Full Time Workers


Amazon Hiring In Minneapolis

I’ve had a number of conversations with a Minneapolis business reporter over the past 18+ months about what the potential impact would be with Amazon coming to town.

My curiosity started long before that… back when Amazon tech recruiters were recruiting hard here to get tech pros to move to Seattle. Then they had a job fair or two in town and somewhere along the line a recruiting event to hire recruiters.

I said to the reporter, they should just come here. It would be good for Amazon, the local tech scene and the business community. And yes they would disrupt things but I said that was a good thing.

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General Mills 2016 Layoffs

General Mills 2016 Layoffs

News today that Minneapolis based General Mils is laying off 400-600 employees and it appears that a number of them are coming at the headquarters.

AdAge has this article General Mills CMO Simonds Out Amid Overhaul and Job Cuts that starts with this and gets in depth on the changes in leadership:

“General Mills is laying out a new global structure including a new global chief marketing officer, and said CMO Ann Simonds would leave at the end of the year.

Along with the CMO shakeup, the company said the overhaul of its global structure includes four group presidents and plans to eliminate hundreds of positions.”


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Minnesota Morning | Atique, Hack The Gap And 10 Hard To Find Tech Skills

Earlier this week I took a drive to St Paul to check out the Christmas lights at Rice Park. A few days prior we had snow on the ground but after some rain it was all gone. I’ll make another trip over there when it snows again. A couple of photos:

 Rice Park, St Paul, Christmas lights Rice Park, St Paul, Christmas lights


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Minnesota Tech Podcast v7


Tech MN, Minnesota Tech 
This past summer Jeff Pesek from Tech.MN invited me to join in on a 2X a month podcast about the Minneapolis and St Paul tech scene with:

Last week we had our 7th podcast where we talk about the headlines Tech.MN has covered, what is going in the Minnesota tech scene and usually some tangents and rants mixed in.

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10 Minutes With Casey Allen, Startup Advisor And Investor

Years ago… oh damn it’s already 10 years ago (click Ten Minutes With), I had an idea that I wanted to “interview” people who are smart, have cool ideas, are people I know (or are friends of friends) that my other friends should get to know. One part share ideas and one part introduce friends to friends.

Think hanging out at a coffee shop with a friend and being able to record the conversation. Because so many times I have walked away from such a conversation and thought, damn… I wish I had written “that thing” down.

I mentioned this to Casey Allen a couple of months ago and he said:

Great, when are you going to start doing this?

I said:


A couple of weeks went by and he asked again. And then a couple of weeks ago he asked again.

I was getting annoyed with him but angry with me for not doing it.

So I asked Casey if he would be willing to be the first one and he said yes.

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93 Minnesota Companies Make the 2016 Inc. 5000 List

2016 Inc. 5000

The 2016 Inc. 5000 list was released this week and 93 Minnesota companies are on it. I did a quick count for 2015 and there were 101 companies and 2014 had 96.

Fun with numbers:

  • Minnesota ranks #19 for companies on the list
  • Minneapolis ranks #16 for companies on the list
  • Prime Therapeutics ranks #1 for revenue

Click the link above to see the whole list and to break it down by location, revenue, industry, etc.

Below is the Minnesota list by: Rank | Name | 3 yr Growth | Revenue

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