Event: Michigan Recruiters Conference

Hey Michigan Recruiters… get registered for this:

March 13, 2015 is the first .

Tim Sackett, President of HRU Technical Resources, writer, speaker and all around nice guy, and Jim D’Amico, Director of Talent Acquisition for Spectrum Healthone, writer, speaker and one of the funniest fellas I know, have been thinking about a Michigan Recruiters Conference for about a year and I am freaking thrilled that they are going forward with the idea.

Knowing the impact we had on our Minnesota Recruiter and HR community with a similar event… I know this is going to be big for our Michigan colleagues.

Right there, that is cool news.

There is more because I am going… and speaking.

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Event: Minnesota HR Tech And Recruiter Expo 2015


The 2015 LEHRN HR Tech Expo, one of the largest events like this in the country, is set for April 9th at the Marriott City Center in Downtown Minneapolis.

Always a good event to attend and this year it has added a new feature… a Talent Acquisition Track. Or Recruiter Track for those of us easy going types.


LEHRN has partnered with MNTRN who is sponsoring the three presentations.

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Minnesota Headhunter Brown Bag Lunch: Metrics And Analytics

HR and Recruiter Brown Bag Lunch

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I wanted to get some HR and Recruiter friends together and have lunch, catch up, talk about “stuff”… whatever that may be.

Click to see more about the idea:

Minnesota Headhunter Brown Bag Lunch With Recruiter And HR Friends

I received a bunch of positive feedback and was surprised that a number of folks asked if a topic could be done during lunch. Something informal and conversational versus a “presentation”.

Yep, that’s easy.

Here goes the first one…

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How Much Do Recruiters Make?

A few weeks ago I posted and received a number of email from search firm owners and recruiters wondering about salary and bonus plans.

I had some basic information and it turns out… my numbers were high. At least when compared to the Bullhorn Money Talks: The 2014 Compensation Report (free - registration required).

Maybe my Minnesota colleagues make more… or maybe they are fudging, I don’t know. A little bit of both is my guess.

There is a bunch of good information that search firm owners, search firm recruiters and sales pros will want to see including average salaries by:

  • Size of firm

  • Industry recruited

  • Temp vs contract vs contingent vs retained

Here is the Average Compensation By Role for all respondents (other numbers are higher):

How Much Do Recruiters Make, Average Search Firm Compensation

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Event: Terry Petra Presenting At MNTRN

Minnesota Technical Recruiters Network

This week MNTRN (Minnesota Technical Recruiters Network) is hosting Terry Petra. This will be my first time meeting Terry and I am looking forward to it. He has a great reputation as a trainer and I am going to ready to take some notes.

Event info:

“Just Do It … Right!”

Terry Petra, CPC, CTS, CIPC

This fast paced, action packed program will show you how to get top results regardless of economic uncertainties! We’ll begin by taking a look at the differences between those who succeed by making a positive difference from those who do not, while keeping in mind “The Success Question”.

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Minnesota Headhunter Brown Bag Lunch With Recruiter And HR Friends

This is an idea that I have had for more than a year now and I want to float it out “there” and see what happens.

Back when I was coordinating the Minnesota Recruiters group I never had time to see friends and make new ones at events. I was busy making sure wireless microphones had batteries, slides were ready and we had enough coffee.

After an event there were always a number of email exchanged with friends with something like:

Hey I saw you, but you were busy.

Were you there? I didn’t see you.

We should get together the next week or two.

And it never happened.

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Minnesota Recruiter Contract Rates Spring 2014

As recruiting gets more and more competitive in Minneapolis the number of inquiries I am receiving that sound like:

Hey Paul, you know any available IT contract recruiters?

How much is a contract recruiter going to cost me?

Do I know any available IT contract recruiters?

No. They are all working.

How much?

That depends.

I asked a bunch of friends what they are seeing for rates and it mostly jived with what I have been seeing.

I also sent an email to Adam Sprecher, Managing Director at SALO. Adam is my “go to guy” when I am looking for trends, news, salaries and in general “what is going on” in Minneapolis kind of stuff.

What I sent him is in plain text and his reply in bold:

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Event: Minnesota Recruiters Spring 2014 Conference

The 20 something Minnesota Recruiters Conference is Friday, March 14th from 8 am to noon at the Mall of America.

This will be the first event since we started the group in 2007 that I have not a role in an event.

And the first time I have to pay to attend… I should have negotiated a lifetime ticket.

I am looking forward to being “just an attendee” and hope there will be a couple of Diet Mountain Dews on hand.

While speakers have not been named here is the agenda for the event:

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Minnesota Recruiters Summer 2013 Conference

The next Conference is next week… Thursday, July 25th from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm, at the the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest (formerly the Northland Inn).

This is the 21st conference held (I think, I have lost track) since the group started 6 years ago almost to the day of this event.

Registration is open until 5 pm Monday, July 22nd.

Cost of the event is $55 and includes:

  • Conference sessions and materials
  • Continental breakfast and beverages
  • A free professional LinkedIn profile photo (we will have a photographer on-site)
  • Book signing after the event by William Arruda
  • Tremendous networking opportunities with other professionals and thought leaders responsible for attracting, developing, and retaining talent in leading organizations - throughout the region.

Who should attend? Professionals interested in networking and learning about:

  • Personal branding
  • Online identity
  • Career success
  • Becoming influential in the workplace
  • Mobile marketing
  • Recruiting

Click to register and for the agenda.

Speakers & Session Information:


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