Target Rescinds Offers


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Last week FOX 9 broke a story that late in December (2014) 40 people who had accepted job offers to work at Target Corporation starting in January (2015) were notified that their offer was being rescinded.

Their story and an interview with a local attorney is below.

I missed the story that night and was not aware of the situation until a couple of friends who had accepted offers at other companies were asking about the enforcement of their offer.

I finally asked why they were asking and learned of the story.

I’m not an attorney (so this is not legal opinion)… generally offer letters are a formality. They usually contain specifics like a start date, salary, vacation and benefit information, at will employment and other things.

In the FOX 9 story the attorney says that employers rescinding offers is a common thing.

That is not my experience.

I have had two offers rescinded in 16 years because of business reasons. If I remember correctly I have had four or five offers rescinded because of issues with a flagged background check or failed drug test.

I have had an equal number of candidates who have accepted an offer and then not shown up for the first day of work. Sometimes without notice.

So this does go both ways.

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LinkedIn Survey: Top 25 Skills Of 2014

LinkedIn crunched a bunch of data and came up with The 25 Hottest Skills That Got People Hired in 2014. It needs to be noted that this is comes from their users and what recruiters are searching for on their site. This explains why healthcare, retail and other skills are not listed.

I am not surprised that a majority of the skills listed below are technical in nature. With marketing related skills in second.

For my recruiter and workforce planning friends this may give you some idea of what demand and competition is like.

LinkedIn notes four trends: STEM, Data, a second language (although not in the U.S.) and technical marketing.

Here are the top 25 U.S. skills of 2014 (click the link above for a list from a few other countries):

  • Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

  • Middleware and Integration Software

  • Storage Systems and Management

  • Network and Information Security

  • SEO/SEM Marketing

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Job Search Tips: Should I Have LinkedIn Photo?

LinkedIn Photo

24 hours ago I met with a late 20 something .Net developer. She has skills. Is easy to talk. But she is having problems with finding new jobs.

(wait for it)

Yeah, seriously… a .Net developer is having issues with recruiters (not) finding/contacting her.

Mostly because like a lot of developers the only way to be found is on LinkedIn. So with a bare bones profile it is not shocking that she is not being contacted.

After giving her a bunch of profile/content advice she says:

“I don’t know, what do you think … (long pause) … should I … (long pause) … have a photo on my LinkedIn profile?”

I must have had a, “are you freaking kidding me? Of course you should have a photo on your LinkedIn profile” look on my face.

She says:

“I see a lot of developers on LinkedIn without photos”

My reply:

“Generally, they’re wrong. They should likely have one too”

She says:

“It feels weird”

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Job Search Advice Seminar: Be Your Own Headhunter

Be Your Own Headhunter, Job Search Advice, Job Search Tips 

After a number of presentations this spring (2014) including the alumni association at the University of St Thomas, two sessions at MinneBar 9 and an interview on WCCO AM (CBS) Radio about March jobs numbers and employment in Minnesota (see photos below)… I have had a lot of folks asking if they could talk with me about their job search.

With the improving economy many folks are taking a look around to see what is available and there are those impacted by layoffs nationally and locally (Target, Best Buy, Thomson Reuters, Cargill, etc) who are looking for some guidance.

I think the best way I can be of help is to bring back my job search presentation: Be Your Own Headhunter.

The first live session is May 6th at Noon (Central time, Minneapolis).

The session will run 2 to 2.5 hours including a lot of Q&A from those attending. Yes, if you ever wanted to ask a Headhunter about a job search this is the time to do it.

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Survey: 10 Best And Worst Jobs Of 2014

CareerCast has ranked 200 jobs from best to worst for 2014 based on Environment (emotional and physical), Income (growth potential), Outlook (employment growth and unemployment) and Stress.

Not surprising… STEM jobs rank high.

Note: Recruiter is #78

Here is what they came up with:

2014 Top 10 Jobs:

1 Mathematician

2 University Professor (Tenured)

3 Statistician

4 Actuary

5 Audiologist

6 Dental Hygienist

7 Software Engineer

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Conversation With A Startup CEO… How To React To A Candidate Declining An Offer

A really good guy I have known for many years, “Startup CEO”, was wondering if he was over reacting to the following scenario:

Startup CEO was introduced to an entry level “Developer” going through a career change by a peer at a local consulting group.

CEO and his team had a couple of in depth interviews with Developer. They wanted to make sure Developer was going to be able pick up writing code at a decent pace. And they were more than willing to train him along the way.

This was a win-win for both parties.

CEO calls up Developer and gives him an offer. They cover salary, benefits and “woo” him a little.

Developer tells CEO he has another offer. CEO says he understands and needs to have a decision in a couple of days.

Developer sends a short email to CEO saying he has taken the other offer.

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CareerBuilder Survey: Best And Worst Words For A Resume

Thinking back to the presentations I did at the University of St Thomas the past month (Social Media – Best Practices for Maintaining an Optimal Online Presence) one of the most frequently asked questions I received was:

You talk to us about using buzzwords, keywords and acronyms in our profiles and resume… what are some of the words you most like to see?

Given the amount of time we had I did not get into a long list but I did mention a few themes:

  • Increased sales
  • Cut costs
  • Increased web traffic, newsletter signups, engagement with customers
  • Made something more efficient

And add numbers… as in statistics like:

By doing this “thing” we increased sales “X”%

In streamlining this “process” we cut costs “X”%

Implementing “this strategy” we increased web site traffic “X” times

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Informal Survey: Should Resumes Have A Summary Or Objective?

I have joked for a few years that I want to put seven of my HR and Recruiter friends around a table with 10 bottles of wine and record the audio (video may be incriminating) as I ask some of the most common resume and job search questions.

Resume questions like:

1 page resume or two (or three)

Summary vs objective vs nothing

Cover letter or no cover letter

Reverse chronological or functional

The reason is I think the answer to the above is

It depends on the situation


If you are getting your resume to a decision maker through a friend it matters much less

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Conversation With A Target Employee… 6 Job Search Tips

While grabbing my mail yesterday I bumped into a neighbor, call him “Fred”, I had not seen in a while and after some “is it cold enough for you” conversation I was reminded that he works at Target.

Fred was not one of those laid off… he is still walking the skyway to work.

He asked if I had a few minutes to talk some things out, of course.

Essentially Fred is concerned about the future of his job and wanted to know what he should be doing to be prepared in case something happens to him.

There are the two basic, obvious things:

  • Update the resume
  • Update the LinkedIn profile (I suggested he turn his profile off over the weekend, make the updates and turn it back on Sunday night. This way the update notifications do not go out)

We went over a number of things… here are the highlights:

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Minnesota Jobs Scene: Q1 2014

I started writing this post more than a week ago and set it aside to work on a couple of other things. With the Target layoff announcement yesterday I thought I should pick this up. See my .

There have been a number of “what happens next” from former Target employees and local and national media wondering about the Minnesota jobs scene.

When I first started writing this I was surprised at the number of companies who were saying they were unsure of their 2014 hiring plans.

And a large number of people who are still thinking about their job and career path and they are wondering what the market is like… is this time to make a move.

With the Target folks it is more immediate, like right now… what are they going to find.

Let’s see if I can handle this well enough for the moment with this one post.

I have a bunch of anecdotal data from hiring managers, companies, associations and personal observations here in Minnesota and I believe that generally we have a positive jobs scene:

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