Survey: 57% Of Employers Less Likely To Interview A Candidate They Can't Find Online

Scooby Doo Where Are You 

CareerBuilder released their annual survey, Number of Employers Using Social Media to Screen Candidates at All-Time High, about how companies are using social media to source and screen candidates. There are the usual “headline” stats:

  • 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates
  • 54% have decided not to hire a candidate based on their social media profiles

That last one is the one that usually gets the most attention. Here’s the thing… of course the number is that high. Look at the wording of it. Of course any/every “Fortune 500” company, as an example, has not hired someone because of their online stupidity profile. Think of how many people apply with them. So they didn’t hire one? That’s easy to understand.

And I think the 70% number is much higher. Surely some respondents didn’t want to tell the truth.

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Conversation With A Ruby Developer… Should I let Search Firms Float My Resume Around?

Minnesota IT Jobs

Yesterday I had a phone call with a Ruby Developer who is currently in Silicon Valley and looking to move to the Midwest. They are highly skilled, easy to work with, highly recommended and from this region. Specifically they are looking for a company in Minneapolis or Chicago.

They asked me a curious question…

Many of the search firm recruiters are asking if they can float my resume around for me. I don’t have a network in those cities so it seems convenient but I think there are negatives to this too. Right?

My reply…


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Tips For Doing A Job Search In The New Year

Paul DeBettignies Interview At WCCO TV

Yesterday I had an interview at WCCO TV (CBS) with Kylie Bearse and Kim Johnson to give some tips  on finding a job in the New Year.

They start the segment with this CareerBuilder survey Workers Reveal Plans to Land New Jobs in 2017 and the headline that 22% are planning to change jobs in 2017.

I say during our chat that I would have expected the number to be a bit higher. Saying that… no way that high of a percent will change jobs in 2017. It’s easy to say one is looking for a job but a whole other thing to do it.

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Job Search Tips: Finding A 2016 Seasonal Retail Job

A quick post with some information following the announcement that Amazon is hiring 1,000 local seasonal workers:

And last months announcement that Target is hiring 70,000 across the U.S.:

Below is an interview I did with WCCO TV (Minneapolis CBS affiliate) and here are the talking notes I sent them ahead of time:

Kylie Bearse, Jason DeRusha, Paul DeBettignies, Findind A Seasonal Retail Job

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Conversation With A Minneapolis Java Developer: Ageism In Tech

Ageism In

Last week I had a conversation with a late 50 year old Java Developer here in Minneapolis. He was looking for some career and job search advice. I had not yet seen his resume and not looked him up online so I had no “bias” leading up to our conversation.

We spoke a bit about his skill set, experience and what he wants to be working on. I was thinking:

Dang, I don’t get why this guy is needing advice. He’s really good.

About halfway into our chat he asked:

Why can’t us grey haired folks find a job? I am not too old to code.

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Video: Finding A Job Using Social Media

Back in May (2015) I gave my 6th presentation at Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul:

Get Recruited: Finding Your Next Job Through Social Media

When Mykl Roventine asked me to speak again this year I paused thinking… does anybody really want to hear from me again?

Mykl was right (Mykl warming up the group):

Social Media For Job Search, Minnesota Jobs, Minneosta Headhunter, Minnesota Recruiter

The answer was yes. We had 100+ at the event.

And we had a good time.

Here are a couple of blog posts recapping the event with some takeaways:

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Paul DeBettignies Speaking At Social Media Breakfast: Get Recruited

Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul


Next week… May 22nd, 2015 I will be making my 5th (I think appearance) at Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul. I always look forward to speaking to the group and once again did not let Mykl Roventine finish asking the question if I would be interested before I said yes.

These are my people.

And this is the group that took me in many years ago when the Recruiter and HR community was still anti Social Media. I knew it was going to matter and the SMB folks were speaking my language.

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Minnesota IT Jobs And Unemployment Q1 ‘15

Q4 ’14 I held a number of roundtables with Minnesota Recruiter and HR colleagues to talk about recruiting, IT jobs and salary statistics. I do this every Q4 and it allows us to share information, confirm and/or question what we see going on from our corner of the community.

Last year most of the discussions were held in mid-December and a few of us mentioned that it seemed that a lot of IT pros were moving around to new companies or going on their own as consultants.

Some said they did not see it.

As 2015 has progressed many Minnesota Recruiter and HR colleagues have been talking about it. “Churn” is a word many of us are using and most say that it started around December 1st.

And we are seeing more of it.

At MinneBar 10 (April ’15) it was very noticeable when talking to Developers. Quite a few had made a move since December 1 ’14 and more were talking about doing it this spring.

Dice has an analysis with BLS (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) numbers and they show an uptick in the number of “Voluntary Quits” in Q1 2015 from Q4 2014:

Average Quits In IT

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Observation… What Happens To The “Too Junior” Candidates

Not Enough Experience, Too Junior

I could have titled this, “Why there is an IT talent shortage”.

The past 9 months or so the number of “this developer is too junior” comments has increased. And it’s not just me… a number of my Recruiter and HR friends are hearing this in all sizes (# of employees and revenue) of companies.

I get that depending on size of company, division or group a too junior developer may not fit in. Whether they need mentoring that there is not time for (or someone not capable of doing it) or there would be so much “dead” time for them that they may get frustrated and leave… I get there are barriers.

But let me say this, if we don’t hire junior developers now they will never be the 3 year Ruby Developer or the 5 year .Net Developer everyone is looking for.

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