Minnesota Golden Gopher Football Coach Glen Mason Has Been Fired

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Link for Minnesota Golden Gopher Football Coach Glen Mason Has Been Fired

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Updated January 1, 2007 at 1:00 pm

In the morning papers:

-Mason: 'I am not going to apologize', Sid Hartman column

-Maturi acts early in getting rid of smug Mason, Patrick Reusse column

-Up Next?, list of potential candidates

-Mason's firing brings out mixed feelings for him, a good like at who did and did not like him

-You're Fired ... And You ..., a list of the outgoing coaches and staff

-Glen Mason Timeline, all of the high points and a lack of low ones

-With Mason gone, Maturi cleans house, a look at the past few months in the athletic department



Updated December 31, 2006 at 7:00 pm

It is interesting to note that it was one year ago today that Glen Mason signed his 5-year extension after what was at best not a pleasant negotiation between the university and Glen Mason.


The buyout is $2.2 million plus $1.4 million in deferred compensation that was already earned.


GopherSports.com, home of the Gopher Athletic Department, has this report and a link to watch the press conference, Glen Mason Dismissed As Golden Gopher Head Football Coach.


Here are updated articles following the press conference:

-Gophers fire mason, St. Paul Pioneer Press

-U fires Mason after Insight debacle, St. Paul Pioneer Press

-Gophers football coach Mason fired, Star Tribune

-Jan. 1, 2006: Mason, U agree to 5-year contract, Star Tribune article announcing deal last year

-Minnesota dismisses head coach after 6-7 season, ESPN.com



Original post December 31, 2006 at 4 pm

Earlier this afternoon the University of Minnesota announced a 5 pm press conference. Sources have told the following that football coach Glen Mason has been fired:


-Pioneer Press, Gophers fire Mason

-Star Tribune, U fires football coach Mason

-ESPN, Sources: Minnesota dismisses Mason after 6-7 season

Fire Coach Glen Mason?

On January 7, 2007 I created a blog specifically for Minnesota Golden Gopher football called Gopher The Roses, www.gopherfootballblog.com. There you will find all of the posts from this site and more in depth coverage on all things Gopher football than I was able to do here on the business blog.

Up until this evening I have stated time and again that I was not in favor of firing Glen Mason. Reasons included the running of a clean program, graduating players, zero issues with players getting into trouble, and the slow but steady progress of the program.


I may change my tune.


I am trying really hard to not blog angry. Frankly, I am still shocked at what happened. The Gophers were up 38-7 with 7:47 in the 3rd quarter and fell apart.


My guess is that inside himself, Glen Mason is pretty tore up about this. My problem is that during the game there was no emotion shown by him. I am not asking for Urban Meyer or Steve Spurrier but some fire, some energy, some emotion would be nice.


After Texas Tech kicked the field goal to tie the game with no time left the most Coach Mason could muster was a brief raising of the eye brows as if to say, “Wow”.


I have issues with the ultra-conservative play calling. I have issues with the continued 3-man pass rush. I have issues with the soft zone defense. I have issues with doing the same thing on every offensive and defensive series in the second half.






This is the third major debacle under Coach Mason with the 2000 bowl game against North Carolina State, 2003 against Michigan, and this evening.


Yes a first down here, a naked bootleg there, a pass interference call not going for you, a pass interference call that went against you would likely have changed the game. It was that close.


But your team gave up 31 points in around 22 minutes of game time and you made no changes. You did nothing to help your players. Were you thinking there was no way they could come back with only a quarter and a half to play?


Coach Mason, you cannot blame this on booing fans, students who may or may not have had a beer or two, or the referees. You and your staff need to look in a mirror on this one.


Because you found this blog post you may be looking for sites that deal more with whether to fire Glen Mason or not.


Here you go:




-Fire Glen Mason Blog




-Gopher Sports Blog


As of midnight Friday none of the sites had an update but I am sure by morning the ranting will have started.


In the mean time you can look at my prediction for tonight’s game here, Minnesota Golden Gophers And Texas Tech Red Raiders Preview. I called the game, the first half pretty well. I still believed. All the way until that 52 yard field goal that tied the game.


Later on Saturday evening I will do a more thorough recap of the game.


Minnesota Golden Gophers And Texas Tech Red Raiders Preview

On January 7, 2007 I created a blog specifically for Minnesota Golden Gopher football called Gopher The Roses, www.gopherfootballblog.com. There you will find all of the posts from this site and more in depth coverage on all things Gopher football than I was able to do here on the business blog.


Link for Minnesota Golden Gopher Football Coach Search And Possible Candidates

Link for Minnesota Golden Gophers 41 and Texas Red Raiders 44, Review

Link for Minnesota Golden Gopher Football Coach Glen Mason Has Been Fired

Link for my reaction after the game Fire Coach Glen Mason?

Link for Minnesota Golden Gophers And Texas Tech Red Raiders Preview


Original Post:

Here we go, the Minnesota Golden Gophers against the Texas Tech Red Raiders in the Insight Bowl.

If you go back about two months ago there were the dreamers, some would say insane people, who said the Gophers could close out with three victories and go to a bowl game. I was a little slow to go along with that but I did buy in after the Indiana game.


I think the Gophers are going to win tonight. Maybe I should say they can win tonight.


Things to know about the Texas Tech Red Raiders:

Yeah, yeah, yeah they pass the ball a lot. They average 363 passing yards a game. They are the #3 passing offense in the country.


QB Graham Harrell has thrown 562 passes, a 66.3 completion percentage, 4,110 passing yards, 36 touchdowns, and only 10 interceptions.


9 of their wide receivers have 20 or more completions.


This is very impressive. Watching a Texas Tech game has been compared to watching a video game.


But they have issues. Texas Tech only put up 3 points on TCU and 6 on a crappy Colorado team.


They are not Ohio State, Michigan, or (cringe) Wisconsin who have balanced passing and rushing teams.


Their defense is not all that great.


There is hope Gopher fans…


Speaking of the Gophers, the defense ranks 115th against the pass giving up 254 yards per game. Most of those yards were given up earlier in the season against a defense that had no identity. Giving up 300 passing yards in this game would like bring the Gophers a victory.


I grant that Indiana, Michigan State, and Iowa do not have the passing game of Texas Tech but in many aspects the teams as a whole are comparable.


We did well on defense forcing turnovers, making big plays, and a pass rush. Most of the entire defense became very physical in their play. They became confidant.


My main concern on defense is we suck on third down. We have a hard time getting off the field.


This is a test for the coaches as much as it is for the players. You have had a month to watch videotape. You have had a month to create a plan. You do not need to shut them down, just slow them down.


On offense we need a balanced attack like we had the last three games of the season.


Some comparison should be given between Harrell and Bryan Cupito. This season Cupito has thrown for 2,556 yards, 19 touchdowns, and a 60% completion rate. That’s not bad for a run first offense.


We have a couple of key injuries in TE Matt Spaeth (should surgery) and OL Steve Shidell (broken leg) but their replacements are adequate. The offensive line shifts around a bit and

Jack Simmons replaces Spaeth. Simmons has seen quite a bit of playing time and while not the same player as the NFL bound Spaeth he is a good tight end.


Just about every defense we have faced in the Big Ten is as good as Texas Tech. We should not see anything new.



We need to score first and it needs to take some time. Coach Mason, if we have a choice PLEASE go on offense first.


Our offense should do well. Our defense has had a month to prepare for the track meet. I am still drinking the Kool-Aid. I have my sweatshirt and lucky maroon and gold beads (the ones from Ann Arbor two years ago) with me. I will be at Joe Senser’s in Bloomington.


We will see a Gopher victory.


Minnesota over Texas Tech.

TCF Bank Gopher Football Stadium Update

On January 7, 2007 I created a blog specifically for Minnesota Golden Gopher football called Gopher The Roses, www.gopherfootballblog.com. There you will find all of the posts from this site and more in depth coverage on all things Gopher football than I was able to do here on the business blog.


There have been a few news items in the past month on the progress of the stadium. For starters the university web page has a new look. Or at least it has since the last time I was there, TCF Bank Stadium. They have added a construction page to keep everyone up to date on their progress, which includes notes on road and parking changes, TCF Bank Stadium Construction.


There is a blog, Stadium Blog, but it has not been updated in a while.


On December 6th there was good news regarding the bond sale by the state. With a better interest rate taxpayers will $28.4 million less than we had planned, TCF Bank Stadium bond sale saves state $28.4 million.


Then a couple of days later we hear that the stadium could cost 6% - 8% more for a reinforced foundation, Gophers' stadium costs expected to rise. We all knew the water table is shallow in the area but I guess it closer to ground level in that area.


In case you are wondering there is an underground creek(s) in the area and rather than the stadium being dug into the ground it is being built up.


There have been quite a few buildings demolished near the stadium site and adjacent to the Station 19 building.


Finally there is this announcement for an open house next week which I will be attending, Get a Look at the Future Home of Gopher Football at an Open House on January 3. On that page you will see the top link is to a construction web cam. I had not mentioned it yet because the view is only of the stadium site itself, which is still being used as a parking lot. Other than cars coming and going or the occasional squirrel running around there is not much to look at.

Matt Spaeth Wins John Mackey Award, Named AP All America

On January 7, 2007 I created a blog specifically for Minnesota Golden Gopher football called Gopher The Roses, www.gopherfootballblog.com. There you will find all of the posts from this site and more in depth coverage on all things Gopher football than I was able to do here on the business blog.


Congratulations to Matt Spaeth for getting the recognition he deserves. Yes he owes a little of this to his team, the quarterback and the system he plays in but he is an outstanding player, teammate, and member of the university community.


Whoever drafts him is going to get a top-notch person and athlete.


The John Mackey Award is given to the tight end that best exemplifies the play, sportsmanship, academics, and community values of NFL Hall of Fame Tight End John Mackey.


Spaeth is the second Gopher in two years to be named Associated Press All-America Team, Center Greg Eslinger was on the list in 2005.


Matt Spaeth was also 1st team All Big Ten Team by both the coaches and media for the second year in a row.


Spaeth finishes his career as the all time tight end leader with 109 receptions and 1,293 receiving yards.

Golden Gopher Football Seniors And Team Award Winners

On January 7, 2007 I created a blog specifically for Minnesota Golden Gopher football called Gopher The Roses, www.gopherfootballblog.com. There you will find more in depth coverage on all things Gopher football than I was able to do here on the business blog.


I was thinking the other day that I never recognized the senior class. These guys have been through a lot and I think when the bowl game later this month is over, they will be able to look at their career and say it was a success.


It is interesting to note there are only 9 guys, 10 if you include Brandon Owens and I do:


3      Bryan Cupito   QB  Cincinnati, OH
Trumaine Banks   DB  Columbus, OH
Mike Frankberg            QB  Detroit Lakes, MN

20    Brandon Owens            S    Delray Beach, FL

48    Mario Reese   LB  Mableton, GA

56    Tyson Swaggert            OG  Buffalo, MN

78    Joe Ainslie                        OT  Minnetonka, MN

84    Logan Payne            WR Lutz , FL                               
Matt Spaeth  TE  St. Michael, MN

90    Eric Clark              DT  Tampa Bay, FL



At the team banquet the following awards were given:


BRONKO NAGURSKI AWARD (presented to the team’s most valuable player):
Matt Spaeth (Sr., TE, St. Michael, Minn.)
BRUCE SMITH AWARD (presented to the team’s outstanding offensive player):

Logan Payne (Sr., WR, Lutz, Fla. )
CARL ELLER AWARD (presented to the team’s outstanding defensive player):

Mike Sherels (Jr., LB, Rochester, Minn.)
BOBBY BELL AWARD (presented to the outstanding special teams player):

Tom Hennessey (Fr., FB, Somerset, Wis.)
BUTCH NASH AWARD (for competitiveness on the field and in the classroom):

Dominic Jones (So., CB, Columbus, Ohio)
PAUL GIEL AWARD (for total unselfishness and most concern about the University of Minnesota):

Dom Barber (Jr., FS, Plymouth, Minn.)
NEIL FREDENBURG AWARD (courage and love for the game):

Mike Sherels (Jr., LB, Rochester, Minn.)
DEFENSIVE DEMO (for outstanding performance on the defensive demonstration team):
Mike Hart (Fr., LB, Pewaukee, Wis.)
OFFENSIVE DEMO (for outstanding performance on the offensive demonstration team):

Matt Krueger (Fr., OG, Maple Plain, Minn.)


There are two people who should have an award named after them.


Bryan Cupito was the leader of this team. Cupito is the one who ran the offense, who called plays at the line of scrimmage, who checked to plays that made stars out of Marion Barber, Laurence Maroney and Matt Spaeth.


Brandon Owens, who is no longer on the official roster, had a career ending shoulder and neck injury against Penn State in 2005. He had a growing reputation as being a team leader and physical player. He was on the sideline for every home game since the injury with his arm in a sling.


Mike Sherels, will be a senior LB, and Tony Brinkhaus, will be a senior center, were named 2007 captains.

Minnesota Golden Gophers And Iowa Hawkeyes Preview And Final

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Seems like everyone born and raised in Minnesota has a relative living in Iowa. The game between Minnesota and Iowa is the last game for each team every year. A rivalry game but not nearly as bitter as the Wisconsin Badgers.


Iowa Hawkeye football has a massive following and they have two main chants during the game. “Let’s Go Hawks” which we hear all day and “I, O, W, A” after every score. Dang they can even spell.


Two chants, as simple as they are, that I hope to hear the students yell all day are “Who Hates Iowa” with a response by other students “We Hate Iowa”. And the second, “35 South” so they know how to go home after the loss. Not very high tech but if we hear them we know it has been a good day.


Good news for those on the area highways and interstate this weekend. Iowa people drive in the right lane unlike our North Dakota neighbors.


Minnesota comes in to the game with the winning streak started two games ago. Win all three, go 6-6 and get an invite to a bowl game. People will back off Mason and the seniors can feel good about how they go out.


Lose, and it will get real ugly around here.


Then there is I, O, W, A. Speaking of ugly, they were picked by the coaches and media as 3rd place in the Big Ten. Nationally they were thought to be a Top 15 team.


Whoa, look out for the falling Hawkeyes they are falling hard and fast.


I expect this to fall just short of a high scoring game. Iowa is smaller on both sides of the ball than years past. Their stud linebackers graduated last year.


Keys to this game are the same as weeks past. On offense throw the ball to open the run. Repeat after me, QB Brian Cupito to TE Matt Spaeth, and repeat often. Make your extra points. D.J. Jones gets some good returns on kicks and punts. On defense I am afraid of how many yards Tate will throw for. Not very worried about their running game. Can we get some more turnovers?


Minnesota and Iowa play for Floyd of Rosedale and this is the 100th meeting between the schools.


One last thing worth noting. A lot of us Gopher fans have been disappointed with our non-conference schedule. And more so now with the added 12th game, which will be the likes of North Dakota State.


Going in to this weekend the Gophers strength of schedule is 4th. Yes that is right, 4th in the country. With the Iowa game that will likely go down.


And to the Badger fans moaning about getting no respect. You did not play Michigan or Ohio State. Going in to this weekend your strength of schedule was near 80 and that is before you play Buffalo. Get a clue…



I am feeling very confident about this game, maybe an easy victory. I also am feeling very over confident and think I am setting myself up for a long off-season.


Iowa Hawkeye Blogs

Kinnick North, this guy lives in Minneapolis


Big Ten Predictions

Last week’s results 6-0 (30-6)

And there it is, my first perfect week!!! Can I do it two weeks in a row? (Me neither)


Minnesota over Iowa

Wisconsin over Buffalo

Ohio State over Michigan

Penn State over Michigan State

Illinois over Northwestern

Purdue over Indiana



Minnesota Golden Gophers 34 and Iowa Hawkeyes 24

I start this by saying, whew. It feels a lot better today than it did a month ago to be a Gopher fan.


The three game sweep of Indiana, Michigan State, and Iowa is complete. I have found the glass is half full optimism I admittedly lost earlier this season. And from the previous posts, damn that Kool-Aid tastes good.


To our friends from Iowa who were at the game, that was fun. It was fun to watch you be quiet most of the time. It was fun to watch you leave early. It was fun to think about your 2+ hour drive back across the border. It was fun to watch the Gopher seniors do the victory lap with The Pig.


Most of all, it was fun to think about all the trash you have been talking the past week about coming up here and kicking our butt. About how bad our team was. About how the Dome sucks. Although we do agree on that but I am sticking up for the home site.


And you lost to us. So what does that make you?


Clearly I am intending this for a few select A Holes who go online in chat forums, blogs, and yes by email and post BS.


To those that sat around me, I appreciate your ability to come here and have a good time. To be as respectful as we were. And to have a good time.


OK, enough on that. Yes, I was a little tweaked by a few Hawks fans during the week and before the game.


Besides the normal maroon and gold Minnesota gear and the black and gold of Iowa, including the black t-shirt with a picture of the Metrodome with “Kinnick North” written above it, a new t-shirt made its debut, “Fire Glen Mason”.


Hopefully for now Gopherland can be happy and content.


The defense had another big game with four interceptions and a fumble recovery including the big one at the end of the first half by Mike Sherels.


Amir Pinnix and Jay Thomas rush for 198 yards and 3 touchdowns.


On the down side Jason Giannini missed another extra point and was replaced by Joel Monroe.


All in all, a great way to end the regular season.



-This was the 100th meeting between Minnesota and Iowa with Minnesota leading the series 59-39-2.

-Attendance was 64,940.

-The senior classes of 2005 and 2006 are the only classes to see four bowl games in their career.

-Amir Pinnix crossed over the 1,000 yard milestone finishing with 1,093.

-Jay Thomas rushing touchdown makes three weeks in a row with a TD.




Amir Pinnix, 119 yards and 2 touchdowns

Jay Thomas, 79 yards and 1 touchdown



Logan Payne, 64 yards

Ernie Wheelwright, 64 yards and 1 touchdown

Matt Spaeth, 44 yards and 1 touchdown



Bryan Cupito, 18-30 for 267 yards with 1 interception and sacked 1 time



Kevin Manion, 2 interceptions

Mike Sherels, 1interception

Mario Reese, 1 interception

Willie VanDeSteeg, 1sack

Minnesota Golden Gophers And Michigan State Spartans Preview And Final

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For the Michigan State Spartan football team they have a lame duck coach in John L. Smith who has been allowed to finish the season. They lost a 16-point lead and the game to Notre Dame. They overcame a 35-point deficit to beat Northwestern. Drew Stanton, Spartan Quarterback, has his last game at home in front of fans that have been strong supporters of his. Who knows which team shows up.


We have the first of three needed victories for a bowl game. Yep, still drinking the Kool-Aid.


Last week Brian Cupito had 378 yards passing with 4 touchdowns. The Spartan defense has given up 28 TD passes, most in Division 1-A. I am thinking our game against Indiana worked out the bad karma we had going on.



Not being very confident I resorted to a time honored tradition, I am picking Minnesota by way of the best 4 out of 7 coin flip. Minnesota won that 4-2. So the Gophers it is.


Michigan State Football Blogs

The Enlightened Spartan

Spartan Bob


Big Ten Predictions

Last weeks results 5-1 (24-6)

Iowa loses to Northwestern, oh the horrors that must be happening in Iowa City.


Minnesota over Michigan State

Wisconsin over Iowa

Michigan over Indiana

Ohio State over Northwestern

Penn State over Temple

Purdue over Illinois



Minnesota Golden Gophers 31 and Michigan State Spartans 18

The game was not on TV. ESPNU does not count as TV. Too bad, this would have been fun to watch. Although not seeing a fake punt from our own 20 something yard line was good. So we went form being conservative early in the season, to opening it up a little, to drunken driving. I apologize for the analogy but it is the best I can come up with.


Then again it is being aggressive if not a little desperate.


But we stopped them on 4th and goal. Way to go defense.


Pinnix gets tackled in the end zone for a safety, which was a bummer but after all of that we gave up two points instead of seven.


And then the defense stopped Michigan State again. Two series in a row.


The offense showed up to do its work while the defense looked awesome. Scratch that, sounded awesome. The no TV thing.


Drew Stanton was knocked out of the game, literally. I have a lot of respect for him but I do not understand how he is one of five finalists for the Unitas Award. I can name quite a few QB’s I could pick ahead of him.


Another big game for the defense. Three times they held the Spartans without a point while in the Red Zone. Two weeks in a row with a defensive touchdown.


3 rushing yards for Michigan State. Fantastic!!!



-Willie VanDeSteeg is named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week.

-Matt Spaeth is now #1 for receiving yards by a tight end.

-Bryan Cupito moves to #1, Corey Sauter now #2, for career passing yards.

-Mario Reese forced his 3rd fumble of the season ranking 4th in the Big Ten.

-Willie VanDeSteeg with a career high 4 sacks.




Amir Pinnix, 113 yards



Logan Payne, 96 yards and 1 touchdown

Matt Spaeth, 51 yards



Bryan Cupito, 16-28 for 243 yards



Willie VanDeSteeg, 4 sacks

Stave Davis, 1 fumble recovery and 1 touchdown

Dom Barber, 2 interceptions

Mario Reese, 1 sack

Minnesota Golden Gophers And Indiana Hoosiers Preview And Final

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I have said many times here that I believe every year we are going to the Rose Bowl and that every weekend we will win that game.


People around here, including Sid Hartman, are talking about how this is the first of a three game win streak to get to a bowl game. Huh, that seams like a bit of a stretch to me. Indiana is beatable, Michigan State looks lost, and Iowa has fallen apart.


OK, I will drink the Kool-Aid they are serving up. It’s colored maroon and gold. Count me in.


I have written in previous weeks that I had seen a few Indiana Hoosier football games on TV and they look good. They are young. I am concerned that they will play us like the Randle El teams of old and that never worked out well for us.


Kellen Lewis is a red shirt freshman and I sort of look forward to seeing him play his college career. I think he will be better than Randle El when it is all said and done. He was last weeks Big Ten Player of the Week.


James Hardy is around 6’ 6” and he will clearly have an advantage over our undersized secondary.


Marcus Thigpen is their running back and returner and he is quick.


Indiana’s defense is not very good.


Sounds like Matt Spaeth is returning this week. He will be fitted with a special brace and surgery will be required at the end of the season.


Spaeth is another reason I support this team. He could very well be a first round draft choice in the 2007 NFL Draft. Playing on a team that needs to win three games to go to a bowl game. Is seriously injured and is putting his team and university above his own self-interest.



I do not think we can play as bad as we have the rest of the season. Indiana comes in on a roll and I am thinking they cannot keep it going. It will be interesting to see how the home crowd on a homecoming game reacts to Coach Mason if things do not go well.


Minnesota by 10. That’s my heart talking, not so much my brain.


Indiana Hoosiers blogs

Maybe I did not spend enough time looking but I did not find any blogs about Hoosier football.


Big Ten Predictions

Last weeks results, 5-1 (19-5)


Minnesota over Indiana

Wisconsin over Penn State

Iowa over Northwestern

Michigan over Ball State

Ohio State over Illinois

Purdue over Michigan State



Minnesota Golden Gophers 63 and Indiana Hoosiers 26

Happy Homecoming!!!


Lost and now found, the Minnesota Golden Gopher football team. Also found, the pass first to open up the run we were promised back in August.


Better late than never.


Scoring 21 points in the first quarter and being up 35-0 half way through the second quarter is a good way to start a game. With all that has happened in recent weeks that was one of the best games on both sides of the ball I have seen. Yeah I know it was against Indiana but remember that they have been playing well in recent weeks and this season in general.


At halftime the Gophers had 355 yards, 303 by air.


By the end of the game Minnesota had 541 total yards on offense.


Logan Payne and Ernie “I used stick ‘em this week” Wheelwright had 200+ yards between them.


The defense had multiple sacks and interception.


As the season has moved on and at least in the Dome, Joel Monroe has been doing a much better job of kicking the ball into the end zone, limiting the number if kick returns.


That was a lot of fun and yes I feel much, much better.



-Bryan Cupito is named Co-Offensive Player of the Week sharing the honor with Tyrell Sutton, Running Back from Northwestern University.

-Bryan Cupito was nominated as one of four players for this week’s Cingular All-America Player of the Week Award.

-Bryan Cupito is #2 in career passing yards, passing Asad Abdul-Khaliq.

-Ernie Wheelwright is now tied for 6th in career touchdown receptions.




Jay Thomas, 79 yards and 2 touchdowns

Amir Pinnix, 68 yards and 1 touchdown



Logan Payne, 137 yards

Ernie Wheelwright, 116 yards and 2 touchdowns

Eric Decker, 55 yards and 1 touchdown

Matt Spaeth, 30 yards and 1 touchdown



Bryan Cupito, 22-33 for 378 yards



Dominic Barber, 1 interception and 1 touchdown

DJ Jones, 1interception

Mike Sherels, 1 interception

Minnesota Golden Gophers And Ohio State Buckeyes Preview And Final

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Before getting into this weeks game there is another Coach Mason quote worth talking about. At the North Dakota State post game press conference he said:

"This is the kind of game that puts a smile on your face. When you're out coached and outplayed and still win."

It’s just not worth getting a rant over other than to say this, maybe we do need to reconsider his employment.


It’s been a while since I have said this and mostly because I have been bitter with the coaching staff. I believe before every season we are going to the Rose Bowl and each Saturday we will win the game, or at least have a chance.


This week is an exception.


I heard that some players were using the analogy that if the Bison were able to keep it close with the Gophers that the Gophers can keep it close with the Buckeyes?


Huh? What? Speechless…


Coach Mason heads back to his alma mater. For those that do not know our wide receivers coach Luke Tressel is Ohio State football Head Coach Jim Tressel’s son.


Here is my hope for the game today, that our team plays respectable football. We have 18 some players from the state of Ohio on our team and most of them would like to have been given an invitation to play in Columbus.


We played well at the Metrodome last year and ran up a lot of yards on the then #1 defense on the country


With guys like Troy Smith, Ted Ginn Jr., Anthony Gonzalez and James Laurinaitis (another Minnesota kid that got away) my feeling is that Ohio State could take on the worst team in the NFL and stick with them for the 1st half. After that the size and speed of the NFL team would do them in.


Matt Spaeth has suffered a severe shoulder injury and could be out for the season. He will be replaced with Jack Simmons.


Ohio State Football Blogs:

Men of the Scarlet and Gray

Around the Oval

Buckeye Commentary


Big Ten Predictions

Last weeks results 5-1 (14-4)


I thought I was going to have my first 6-0 weekend but Northwestern surrendered the largest comeback in Division I-A history. The positive side is that the Minnesota and Ohio State game of 1989 comes off the record books as tied for the largest comeback.


Ohio State over Minnesota

Michigan over Northwestern

Wisconsin over Illinois

Indiana over Michigan State

Iowa over Northern Illinois

Purdue over Penn State



Minnesota Golden Gophers 0 and Ohio State Buckeyes 44


My gut reaction to this one is a little sarcastic and yes I know Ohio State is #1 in the country. Here goes…


MEDIC!!! We need a medic over here. They have at best a faint pulse and shallow breathing. Where did our offense go? Has anyone seen them? OK, I feel better now.


Today I was reminded why even though we do not have the greatest team I like our team. I like their character on and off the field. I like them as students and people. I like that they played hard.


I hope that for all of those who said bad things about Dominic Jones after the fumble in the Penn State game saw his play yesterday. He came to play. He had a couple of nice plays on Ted Ginn and he had an awesome hit on Ray Small.


After knocking Small on his back Jones celebrated with his teammates until he saw that Small was not just down, he was out. Jones settled himself and took off his helmet and looked on as the Buckeye trainers took care of Small. Once Small sat up Jones went over too him and offered him a hand in respect. Dominic Jones, class act.


Now having seen Ohio State, Michigan, and Cal and watching most if not all of the highly ranked teams on TV there is no doubt in my mind Ohio State is #1.




Amir Pinnix, 46 yards



Jack Simmons, 48 yards



Bryan Cupito, 13-25 for 120 yards and 3 interceptions, sacked 2 times



Steve Davis, 1 sack