University Of Minnesota Head Football Coach Tim Brewster Fired

I have not blogged here or at Gopher The Roses in a long time about Gopher football. I care and I have been attending, screaming my head off and supporting the team, just not had enough time to wrote about it.

This morning the following was sent out by the University of Minnesota:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                          Oct. 17, 2010

Contacts: Garry Bowman (612-875-0154) and Andy Seeley (612-269-2706)

Brewster Relieved of Head Coaching Duties

Athletics director Joel Maturi announced this morning that Tim Brewster has been relieved of his duties as head football coach and that his contract has been terminated. Brewster will be replaced on an interim basis by co-offensive coordinator Jeff Horton, according to Maturi.

“While I appreciate the passion and commitment that Coach Brewster has shown, it is clear that a change in the leadership of Gopher football is necessary,” Maturi said. “We have high aspirations for our football program and we are not satisfied with its current direction. The results so far this season have been unacceptable and the program has simply not shown enough improvement over the past three and a half years to continue with the status quo.”

Maturi said that he has had several discussions regarding the state of the program with university president Robert Bruininks in recent weeks and that the president was in complete agreement with the decision to remove Brewster as head coach. Maturi then told Brewster of his decision this morning.

Brewster, 50, was named Minnesota's 26th head football coach on Jan. 17, 2007. He signed a contract extension in January of 2010 and will be paid a buyout of $600,000 per that agreement.

Brewster coached a total of 45 games with the Gophers and compiled a 15-30 (.333) overall record, including a 6-21 (.222) mark in Big Ten games after yesterday’s 28-17 loss to Purdue.

During his three-plus years at the helm, Brewster guided the Gophers to a pair of Insight Bowl appearances, with his best season coming in 2008, when he guided Minnesota to a 7-6 record.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Director of athletics Joel Maturi, along with interim head coach Jeff Horton and a student-athlete will be available to the media at a news conference today at 1 pm. The news conference will be held in the home team interview room at TCF Bank Stadium. Media interested in attending the news conference should park in Sports Media Parking on either the northeast or northwest sides of Mariucci Arena. Additional sports media parking is available on the apron at Williams Arena. Please enter TCF Bank Stadium through the Dodge County entrance. Television outlets should park in the TV compound, where they can patch directly into the home team interview room.


TCF Bank Stadium Tour Pictures

I am working on updating Gopher The Roses (Gopher football blog) in time for Saturday's kickoff but for the moment thought you might enjoy these photos.

Back on July 31st, 2009 I was invited to be part of a tour group of the new TCF Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team (marching band too).

Maybe I was included because of my involvement on the Tailgate Committee (a subcommittee of Gopher Game Day), my volunteer activities on and near campus, my 27 years years as a season ticket holder or maybe because the squeaky wheel made enough noise.

I was not shy about my wanting to get in on a tour and I want to thank my friends at the university and athletic department for including me.

Phil Esten, Associate Athletic Director, gave the tour and to be honest I remember very little of what he said. I was too jacked up, taking pictures and trying to take it all in. Someone said (and I agree) that I was the little kid in the group.

What follows are many of the 100+ photos I took that day:

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Minnesota Golden Gopher Football And Head Coach Tim Brewster Using Social Media Sites Like Twitter And Facebook

Over the past year the University of Minnesota Athletic Department has done a wonderful job using social media and social networking sites to promote Gopher football and Head Coach Tim Brewster.

The main site or home for all things Gopher sports related is

For Gopher football and Head Coach Tim Brewster the following sites have been created using social networking sites allowing for more access, news, photos and video:

Web Sites




TCF Bank Stadium: New Home For The University Of Minnesota Golden Gophers Football Team




yyyyeeeeaaAAAAHHHH!!!!! Gophers


OK, it has been a really long time since I posted anything about Minnesota Golden Gopher Football here. When I started this blog 4+ years ago Gopher football was a part of it but for some it was annoying. Especially after then Head Coach Glen Mason was fired and through the hiring of current Head Coach Tim Brewster.

I blogged more about the head coach job search than my day job.

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MN Headhunter’s Gopher Football Blog Interview From October 2007

Newer visitors to MN Headhunter are unaware that until January of 2007 I was doing frequent posts about Minnesota Golden Gopher Football. Some of my Recruiter, HR, and Tech friends grew annoyed with my frequent posts about who would replace Glen Mason and then commentary on Coach Tim Brewster.

So I started a new blog Gopher The Roses and moved content over there. The problem was/is, it was a whole lot easier posting here than doing it there. Not sure why, maybe my attention span. Or maybe the thought of how much work two blogs would be.

I don’t know.

Anyway, another Gopher Football blogger and I were interviewed for the Tim Brewster Show in October of 2007.

Below is the post I just put up at Gopher The Roses...

As posted May 04, 2008 at Gopher The Roses:

Last season Jeremy Miller who writes Golden Gopher Football and I were interviewed about our Gopher football blogs. I still have not had a chance to meet Jeremy but have swapped some email over the months.

Below is the video of the replay on a TV. The quality is a little off but the audio is good and you will get the idea of the interview.

Jeremy is featured first. I get in at the 1:45 minute mark.

The funny looking dude at the end is my fraternity and pledge brother Jason who I travel with once or twice a year. The 2008 season is looking like we are on a plane to Ohio State (Columbus) and by car to Wisconsin (Madison).

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Tony Dungy To Speak At Annual Alumni Association Event

Indianapolis Colts Head Coach and University of Minnesota alum Tony Dungy is the keynote speaker at the University of Minnesota Alumni Association annual event on May 8.


Here is the link to the event, Super Bowl Winner Tony Dungy Headlines 2007 Annual Celebration. Tickets go on sale February 22.


This is open to the public. Scroll down their page to see ticket prices.


Coach Dungy had already been confirmed prior to the Super Bowl victory. He is a great speaker and I like many, many others are looking forward to this event.

Rocky Mountain News: Tim Brewster Expected To Be Announced Minnesota Golden Gopher Football Coach

I know I promised that I would refrain from posting any more Gopher football content here on the business blog but this may be the finale to a 16-day saga following the firing of Coach Glen Mason.


Go to my new blog Gopher The Roses,, for the link to the news story.


A reminder that all of the Gopher Football blog posts here on MN Headhunter have been moved over there with new content added frequently.


Go Gophers

Announcing New Minnesota Golden Gopher Football Blog

The past week I have been working on Gopher The Roses, All of the posts here have been migrated over there.


So for my friends who are reading MN Headhunter for business news, job search tips, ideas on recruiting, etc you will no longer have to scroll down past posts or read feeds that you have no interest in.


However, if you are interested in the Gopher football posts you find more in depth information than I did here. There is a RSS feed set up too.


Go Gophers

Minnesota Golden Gopher Football Coach Search And Possible Candidates

On January 7, 2007 I created a blog specifically for Minnesota Golden Gopher football called Gopher The Roses, There you will find all of the posts from this site and more in depth coverage on all things Gopher football than I was able to do here on the business blog.


Link for Minnesota Golden Gopher Football Coach Search And Possible Candidates

Link for Minnesota Golden Gophers 41 and Texas Red Raiders 44, Review

Link for Minnesota Golden Gopher Football Coach Glen Mason Has Been Fired

Link for my reaction after the game Fire Coach Glen Mason?

Link for Minnesota Golden Gophers And Texas Tech Red Raiders Preview



Original Post:

As I write this a little after midnight on January 2nd and around 31 hours since the official announcement by Athletic Director Joel Maturi of the firing, I think the politically correct term may be dismissal, there have already been a number of names tossed out as potential candidates to replace former head coach Glen Mason.


As this process moves along I will continue to update the list. Some of these names are in my opinion not at all possible for the university and/or the coach but here goes and in no particular order:


-Tony Dungy. A former Gopher player. Why on earth would he leave the Colts?

-Lou Holtz. Coached here for two years between Arkansas and Notre Dame. Has sworn he has retired.

-Mike Grant. Some of Bud Grant. A local high school coach with a top program in the state.

-Marc Trestman. I lost track of where he is now. A MN native. 17+ years in the NFL.

-Dan McCarney. Recent Iowa State head coach.

-Craig Bohl. North Dakota State Head Coach. Division I-AA. Great coach. Good recruiter.

-Frank Solich. Ohio University Head Coach. Former Nebraska coach.

-Skip Holtz. East Carolina Head Coach. Lou's son.

-Joe Glynn. Wyoming Head Coach.

-Mitch Browning. Was the recent Gopher Offensive Coordinator.

-DeWayne Walker. UCLA Defensive Coordinator. A former Gopher Cornerback in the early 80's.

-Paul Chryst. Wisconsin Offensive Coordinator. Would have connections to A.D. Joel Maturi.

-Mike Tice. Former Vikings Head Coach and current Assistant Coach with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

-Mike Price. UTEP Head Coach.

Updated January 2nd, 5:30 pm:

Take Tony Dungy off the list, Dungy passes on college job, assistant talking to Ariz..


Updated January 2nd, 4:00 pm:

I am not a listener of talk radio but this afternoon I tuned in to KFAN, a popular Minnesota sports talk radio station, and caught the last part of an interview with Minnesota Athletic Director Joel Maturi.


From what I heard:

-Search firms have been spoken with but no group has been retained yet.

-This could be a quick search and plans to have a coach hired in 3-4 weeks. (That does not seem quick to me.)

-He has not met with Glen Mason, their conversation was over the phone.

Minnesota Golden Gophers 41 and Texas Red Raiders 44, Review

On January 7, 2007 I created a blog specifically for Minnesota Golden Gopher football called Gopher The Roses, There you will find all of the posts from this site and more in depth coverage on all things Gopher football than I was able to do here on the business blog.


Link for Minnesota Golden Gopher Football Coach Search And Possible Candidates

Link for Minnesota Golden Gophers 41 and Texas Red Raiders 44, Review

Link for Minnesota Golden Gopher Football Coach Glen Mason Has Been Fired

Link for my reaction after the game Fire Coach Glen Mason?

Link for Minnesota Golden Gophers And Texas Tech Red Raiders Preview

Original Post:

It has taken me a couple of days to get my thoughts together on the game. With the announcement of the Glen Mason firing I have been thinking about what’s next versus what was the other night.


Before getting started, in the previews of games I have included links to opposing team blogs. I found a couple of blogs but they had not been updated recently so I did not link to them.


On Saturday I came across Seth Jungman who writes the blog Double T Nation. He has a great look at the game from the Red Raider perspective. We have swapped a few email messages since the game. I wish I had found him before the game. We would have had some nice posts between us. He also has some information today on Bobby Knight getting his 880th victory.


Over all I do not have much to say regarding the game between the Minnesota Golden Gophers and Texas Tech Red Raiders in the Insight Bowl.


The prediction I made in the Minnesota Golden Gophers And Texas Tech Red Raiders Preview was for the most part dead on. I think I must have been one of less than a hundred people who thought the Gophers could win.


For 2 ½ quarters they proved me right:

-Texas Tech is an inconsistent but highly explosive team.

-They are a good, talented team but they are not Ohio State, Michigan or Wisconsin. I should toss Cal in there too.

-Their defense is good but not great.

-Give any team 30+ days to prepare for a team that is great in one category of the game and you should be able to slow it down. If not, you suck. Both played out. We shut them down and then we sucked.

-We forced turnovers.

-We did better in third down situations.

-TE Jack Simmons did a great job replacing Matt Spaeth.

-On offense we were balanced.


For the next 1½ quarters the Gophers (and most importantly their coaches) went in the tank:

-We stopped rushing 4 and 5 guys and went with 3.

-Simmons missed some key blocks.

-The stiff zone pass defense became a soft zone and then a non-existent zone.

-With no timeouts Texas Tech needed to run pass patterns and step out of bounds. Apparently we did not understand that.

-The plays called by the offensives coordinator(s) became extremely conservative with an occasional high risk pass play.


There were a few plays that the referees blew. A non-call on a Gophers pass play when one of our receivers was mugged. A likely phantom call, remember Penn State, when a back judge called a Gopher defensive back for interference when the side judge, if there was a call to be made, did not make one.


The second to the last play of regulation a Texas Tech running back clearly had a false start. It would have made the field goal 57 yards instead of 52. I get that the Red Raider kicker let loose on a ball (to tie the game) that would have been good from 60+ yards but maybe it would have had an impact in his brain. Who knows but I doubt it.


But those three plays would not have mattered if we could have had one more first down at the end of the game.


I have no idea why we called a play that had Bryan Cupito run a naked bootleg on 3rd and 8. I concede that if it had worked it would have been the biggest bowl game play thus far in any game. No one would have thought  we would do that. We would have held on and would run out the clock.


Instead Texas Tech ran a pass blitz bringing the defensive end inside with a linebacker looping around the end right where Cupito was running. Not Cupito’s fault.


In fact, I find little fault with the players. Sure there were a coupl of mistakes but that happens in every game by every team. That’s part of the game.


The players run the plays called by the coaches. The defense runs the schemes called by the coaches.


And now we get to my frustration of the game and really of the season, the coaching staff.


For 2 ½ quarters we played like the last three games of the season. With purpose, direction, aggressive, dominating, and playing to win.


The last 1 ½ quarters we played not to lose. Was as if the coaching staff thought we were up enough points that even with the high octane Texas Tech offense on afterburners there was no way they could come back 31 points.


I lay this at the feet of the coaches.


We made no adjustments. We did nothing to counter what Texas Tech did. If by chanced we did, they were not noticeable and they clearly did not work.


There were two moments in the game that annoyed me. The first, Glen Mason had that damn smirk he has grown famous for. It was near the end of the first half. Like he thought the game was done.


The second, after the Red Raiders tied it with the 52-yard field goal the only expression Coach Mason had was the raising of his eyebrows as if to say “Wow”. That’s it. No emotion. Nothing.


An appropriate finish to the Glen Mason era…