Do We Have Too Many Recruiter And HR Events In Minneapolis And St Paul

Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp, Recruiter Conference

Since announcing the Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp (July 31 and August 1, 2017) online last night and through an email newsletter this morning I have received a large number of supportive messages from friends and colleagues. Those messages are similar with conversations I have had with recruiters, HR leaders, executives and civic leaders in Minneapolis/St Paul and the Midwest over the past months about the need to “amp up” the regions recruiting game.

There’s no doubt there is a need, and demand, for an event like this.

So let’s get to it…

Are there too many Recruiter and HR events in Minneapolis and St Paul?

Hell no.

Let me be more clear… HELL NO.

At a time when surveys say we are near an all time high point that workers are looking for a new job yet most employers are having a hard time hiring…

When a statistic says Minneapolis/St Paul may be 100,000 workers short by 2020 and other cities in the Midwest are struggling to get people to move in the area…

When there is a growing shift of people away from the West Coast…

Our region needs to a better job recruiting and that starts with doing a better job teaching Recruiters, HR pros, Hiring Managers how to source, recruit, market, hire, on board and retain workers.

So do I think adding a new event or group to the mix detracts from the others… hell no.

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Programming Languages Most Used On Weekends

It’s a winter weekend in Minneapolis so after doing some kid craft things and having some free time I decided to work on a couple of work projects. Not sourcing and recruiting ones but stuff I have been meaning to get to like a new landing page and slide deck.

If it were summer I would be sitting on the deck, dock or in the boat.

That’s the thing about weekends… we get to do the things we want to do.

So when Stack Overflow came out with What Programming Languages Are Used Most on Weekends? I was curious… what are my tech friends learning, experimenting and playing with on the weekend? What are they using on their side projects?

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STOP… What If LinkedIn Dies?

RIP Linked In

At my MTNRN presentation, click Recap: 2017 Ready, Set, GO!!! Recruiter Checklist, I had this simple slide:

What if LinkedIn died

My challenge was… go one day a week without using LinkedIn.

And there were some butts squirming in the chairs. A couple of recruiters said they might not be able to go an hour without using LinkedIn.

That surprised me a bit.

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Debate Night, Be Careful What You Post

We live in politically charged times and I like discourse and I love a debate. I like to say what is on my mind and while I know I am always right… I am smart enough to know that is not the case.

Tonight is the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Tonight these candidates are likely going to “go at it” and it is going to make for great drama. There will be Tweets and Facebook posts and post debate spin for hours and days. Opinions are going to fly in every direction. Truths will be lies and lies will be truths.

Tonight someone, or many someone’s, is going to lose their job, client(s) and/or friendships.

Let me be clear… yes you have the right to freedom of speech.

And everyone else is free to react the way they do.

So before saying #(Candidate)Sucks or #(Candidate)Lies or worse something extremely inflammatory that is fueled by one too many bourbons, beers or glasses of wine… ask yourself if that thought is so damn important, it is so crucial to mankind that you are willing to lose something over it.

My over/under on how many hours until a viral news story breaks about how someone was fired because of what was said is 72 hours.

I hope I am wrong.

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93 Minnesota Companies Make the 2016 Inc. 5000 List

2016 Inc. 5000

The 2016 Inc. 5000 list was released this week and 93 Minnesota companies are on it. I did a quick count for 2015 and there were 101 companies and 2014 had 96.

Fun with numbers:

  • Minnesota ranks #19 for companies on the list
  • Minneapolis ranks #16 for companies on the list
  • Prime Therapeutics ranks #1 for revenue

Click the link above to see the whole list and to break it down by location, revenue, industry, etc.

Below is the Minnesota list by: Rank | Name | 3 yr Growth | Revenue

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30 Most Attractive Jobs On Tinder


Here’s a type of survey I never thought I would link to but I should be getting used to the social media apps having this data… this one from Tinder, Tinder’s Most Right-Swiped Jobs.

Job and education details were added to the app in November 2015 and have they been compiling some data.

Most right-swiped jobs for men:

1. Pilot

2. Founder/Entrepreneur

3. Firefighter

4. Doctor

5. TV/Radio Personality

6. Teacher

7. Engineer

8. Model

9. Paramedic

10. College Student

11. Lawyer

12. Personal Trainer

13. Financial Advisor

14. Police Officer

15. Military

Most right-swiped jobs for women:

1. Physical Therapist

2. Interior Designer

3. Founder/Entrepreneur

4. PR/Communications

5. Teacher

6. College Student

7. Speech Language Pathologist

8. Pharmacist

9. Social Media Manager

10. Model

11. Dental Hygienist

12. Nurse

13. Flight Attendant

14. Personal Trainer

15. Real Estate Agent

I can hear the fellas tapping their screens changing their title to entrepreneur.

Here are some friends talking about this on WCCO TV Mid Morning:


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VP - Director Of Human Resources Job At When I Work

 When I Work, Minnesota IT Jobs, Minnesota Recruiter Jobs

Who We’re Looking For

When I Work is looking for an enthusiastic and energetic Human Resource leader to lead our company strategy around culture and talent relations as we continue to grow. We welcome a leader who can share and live out our vision, culture, and values.  You are someone who….

  • relates well and easily with others - across teams and levels;
  • puts people first;
  • evangelizes our core values;
  • enjoys strategizing;
  • has a great sense of humor;
  • is a great communicator, both verbal and written, with the ability to handle a wide array of situations and hold your ground when needed;
  • able to influence others; and
  • will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  You aren’t afraid of the details.

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Minnesota 4th Of July Fireworks 2015

4th of July Minnesota Fireworks 4th of July Minnesota Fireworks 4th of July Minnesota Fireworks 

A little slow in posting this… what follows is the best list I can come up with for 2015 4th of July fireworks shows in Minnesota

Please confirm date, time and location.

If I am missing any please leave a comment below.

July 3rd

July 4th

Outstate Minnesota - 3rd and 4th

July 5th

July 11th

Maple Grove

July 12th



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Video: Finding A Job Using Social Media

Back in May (2015) I gave my 6th presentation at Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul:

Get Recruited: Finding Your Next Job Through Social Media

When Mykl Roventine asked me to speak again this year I paused thinking… does anybody really want to hear from me again?

Mykl was right (Mykl warming up the group):

Social Media For Job Search, Minnesota Jobs, Minneosta Headhunter, Minnesota Recruiter

The answer was yes. We had 100+ at the event.

And we had a good time.

Here are a couple of blog posts recapping the event with some takeaways:

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