Minnesota Headhunter FAQ’S For Candidates

The past weeks I have been speaking with a lot of Minnesota tech, data, digital and product pros and as part of our conversation I ask, “What do you want to know about me?” or “What would you have liked to known about me before this chat?”

I have been keeping track of the most asked questions and decided to create a FAQ’s about me:

Why “Minnesota Headhunter”?

When I started the blog in 2005 I was thinking of what to call it. This is what I am so I went with that as a name. That and DeBettignies is not easily said nor typed in a Google search.

How long have you been a tech recruiter, how did you get started?

How long… 20+ years. When the anniversary hit last year my non recruiter friends were all. “That’s awesome” and “keep going” while my recruiter friends were like, “WTH is wrong with you still doing this after all these years”.

How I got started… Fall of ’97 I answered a newspaper ad for a search firm. Since this was around the time Al Gore invented the Internet, I was not aware that the group had a really bad reputation. I worked there for 5 months before leaving. Essentially, I learned how to do the business the wrong way and figured it couldn’t be that hard to do it the right way.

Why are you still doing it after all this time?

I genuinely like people. I think we are amazing, fun, frustrating and complicated creatures. I like both “sides” of the recruiting process… I like helping people with their career path, find their passion and space. And I love helping clients build their teams. Filling one Dev role is OK but building a team of Dev’s, Designers and Data pros is the best kind of work for me.

Why should I talk with you, what makes you different than all the recruiters reaching out to me?

I’m very transparent. Sure, a client is paying me and I am looking out for their best interest. I also think it is my job to look out for yours. The last thing I want to do is to recruit someone out of one role and into another that is not in their best interest.

Who are you working with?

Today I am working with the Daugherty Business Solutions Minneapolis group recruiting roles that are open now, building candidate pools for future hiring and being an advocate for them in the tech community.

I also spend some time advising a few startups and small tech groups on recruiting process and strategy and long term sourcing of candidates for roles that will not be open for months.

Click Minneapolis and St Paul tech jobs for the roles I am recruiting for and some friends in town who are hiring.

What events do you attend?

It depends on who I am recruiting with… there are the “always attend events” like Minnebar (I speak every year), Minnedemo, Midwest JS, Twin Cities Startup Week (a big basket of events), DevOps Days. Then frequently attend the JavaScript, Ruby, DevOps, React, Hadoop meetups. Outside of tech I am at MIMA, SMBMSP and other events.

Can you code?

No. I know enough to do some things on the blog.

I’m not looking for a new role/company but I have a career question (salary, promotion, what should I be thinking about with my path)… might you have time to give me an opinion, some advice?

YES!!! I love those conversations.

When you’re not recruiting what do you do?

In the summer I love to spend time fishing… catching fish is a bonus. Being on a boat or dock for hours quiets my brain. I am a much better human during the summer. I love to ride a bike (trails in the city) and am a huge college football junkie.

You said at Minnebar you are an Introvert, is that true?

Oh my, yes. Sure, I am very active in the business and tech community, attend a lot of events and spend an obscene amount of minutes on my phone every day. I need… I have to have down time, quiet time. My friends know that after 10+ hours at Minnebar on a Saturday they will not hear from me until late Monday or mid Tuesday. I need to recharge.

Gopher football, how good are we going to be and do you really hate the Wisconsin Badgers?

I used to write, from a fans perspective, about Gopher football years ago and my do some again this year. Click Gopher Football for my recent post. I am going with 7-5 and win a bowl game. I’m cautiously optimistic that we take a step or two forward this year. As for the Badgers and the rivalry… it runs deep The University of Wisconsin is a great university. Madison is a great college town. But the Badgers, no way. I’ll leave it there.

A few photos:

 Minnesota Headhunter, Minnesota Recruiter, Minneapolis Tech Jobs    Minnesota Headhunter, Minnesota Recruiter, Minneapolis Tech Jobs 

Minnesota Headhunter, Minnesota Recruiter, Minneapolis Tech Jobs 

Minnesota Headhunter, Minnesota Recruiter, Minneapolis Tech Jobs  Minnesota Headhunter, Minnesota Recruiter, Minneapolis Tech Jobs 

Minnesota Headhunter, Minnesota Recruiter, Minneapolis Tech Jobs

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Recruiter Jobs

The following have been added to the page by Minnesota employers:

How to post a job (it’s free)?

Send the content (preferably in Word) along with a link or email for folks to apply to paul@mnheadhunter.com

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Minnesota Golden Gopher Football 2018 Outlook

Minnesota Golden Gopher Football

2 weeks from today we’ll already be a couple of days into the college football season and the Gopher Football team will have played its first game at TCF Bank Stadium against New Mexico State. For a few weeks I have had friends asking me what I think the season is going to be like… and I don’t have a clue.

In part that is because my brain is still focused on summer, fishing and relaxing. I am in denial about fall coming. I do love fall. Just … not … yet.

I have been casually reading articles, predictions and logging on to the Gophers Rivals site (I have been a long time subscriber) but not digging into a 2 deep roster or who is the leading contender to be the starting QB.

Until this morning.

I was doing some reading about the upcoming season and got quite a bit more interested.

Let me take a pause and go back a bit… then some quick observations, my 2018 prediction and where to find Gopher Football info online.

I grew up a Gopher Football fan. In 1982 (I was 12) my dad picked up 2 season tickets when the Gophers moved to the Metrodome. I attended the university during which time Dad transferred his tickets to me and I have had them since.

35 seasons and I have missed 14 home games. I’m in. I’m committed.

In 2005 I started a blog, “Go for the Roses at gopherfootballblog.com. I did a lot of writing back then and as things sometimes go… started running out of time to spend on it. I shut down the site. I still own the domain name. And I copied the 2005-2007 and posted here on a sub page . So if you want to go back in time and see what I was thinking about when Coach Glen Mason was fired, Coach Brewster was hired and the 2007 season you can.

I picked up @Gophers the spring of 2008. This was after the 2007 1-11 season and during the last game of the season, Wisconsin Badgers, when I Tweeted a bunch of “f bombs” on my @MNHeadhunter account. The next days I had a number of my national Recruiter and HR friends suggest that maybe I shouldn’t be doing that

Over the past few years I have on and off again written here on my main page… click . This covers some of the Coach Kill time.

Starting today I am going to write 1-2 times per week during the season. Likely Thu/Fri and again Sun/Mon.

Let me be clear… I am writing about Gopher Football, and college football in general, from a fan perspective. I am not an analyst. I am fully knowledgeable about the game but don’t see the fun writing about a 4-3 Defense, RPO offense, etc.

So what do I think about 2018?

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Working Wednesday Vol IV: Dispatch, Bind Benefits, Sansoro Health, Arctic Wolf Hiring And Minnesota Jobs Report


2 days late but still going weekly…

Why didn’t I post anything Wednesday?

- Busy talking with about the roles at Daugherty Business Solutions.

- I didn’t have much hiring news (and y’all should be sending me notes about what your company is up to)

Note… I am not only wanting to post Minneapolis and St Paul tech jobs news. It’s the space I hang out most of the time. If you have tech or non tech news I gladly take it.

And then… WHACK

I was listening to our just published MSP On Deck podcast and remembered a couple of groups that recently announced funding rounds:

- Dispatch, last I heard is looking for 2 Sr Ruby Dev’s. Click and send your resume to jobs@dispatchwithus.com They are also looking for delivery drivers in Minneapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Kansas City and Orlando.

- Bind Benefits has a bunch of jobs in tech, product, data science, medical and account managers. Click Bind Benefits Jobs

Some more news items:

-Kathy Grayson at the MSP Business Journal wrote Health-IT company Sansoro raises $8 million; steps up hiring. They have Product Manager, IT Manager and Customer Success Manager roles posted. Click Sansoro Health Jobs.

- Kathy has another story this one Silicon Valley startup Arctic Wolf adds another high-ranking exec to growing Twin Cities office. Click Arctic Wolf Jobs.

Minnesota Jobs News:

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MSP On Deck Podcast #21: Dispatch, ZAPinfo And ClickSwitch Funding, Minneapolis Coworking Space Closes And Tech Hiring In Minneapolis And St Paul

MSP On Deck Podcast

We’re back after a small hiatus that had work and vacations making it difficult for Kathy, Casey and I to get together. There was a bunch of news during that time and we focused on these items:

Dispatch raised $2.6M… more than they were seeking. Investors include Rise of the Rest and Great North Labs. I talk about my customer experience with them. Casey makes a bold statement (that I can get behind) that Dispatch could be the GroupOn of Minneapolis and St Paul. I mention that they are looking for 2 Senior Ruby Developers.

ZAPinfo, what was called WebClipDrop, raised $1.25M and named Doug Berg CEO. I talk about how I am a user of the tool and a big fan of Doug. He spoke at my first Minnesota Recruiters event and was a frequent sponsor. He (and his team) are highly respected in the Recruiter and HR community in Minneapolis and around the country.

ClickSwitch is new to me and I didn’t know this product was a big thing. I don’t change banks… once in 20 years. I was excited after hearing Kathy and Casey talk about why this matters. They too are looking for a Lead Dev.

Bind Benefits raised another round and we spend some time talking about what they do. I note their career page has wayyyyyy more roles than a few months ago.

Kathy asks an important question… are things getting “frothy”? I say no because while the number of deals is getting larger the numbers raised by groups seems to be reasonable. Casey talks about other regions, explains that funds being raised by VC’s is very large and how execution may matter more than an idea. And that a number of recent announcements are coming from founders who have a track record of success. So it may seem “easy” to raise money when it is not.

Casey and Kathy bring ClickSwitch back into the conversation and talk about what it was like for them to raise this round of funding.

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Working Wednesday Vol III: Big Data Architect, Minnesota Tech And Recruiter Jobs, Hiring And Layoff News


I know… I’m a day late. Not for lack of interest on my part but a full calendar of recruiting.

Usually during the summer time there is a minor slow down in hiring. Summer hours and vacations can make it a little difficult to get phone calls, interviews and offers done as fast as usual. I’m not seeing much of a slow period. Many hiring managers and candidates are doing phone and video interviews while on their vacation.

Daugherty Business Solutions:

Today and tomorrow a few Developers and a couple of Recruiters are attending the Midwest JS conference at the University of St Thomas campus. A few days of seeing old friends, making new ones, learning and yes… some recruiting. If you are attending the conference stop by and say hello. I will be there for a short time Friday with Eric Kramlinger and Dave Frolick who will be there the whole conference.

Team Daugherty at Midwest JS

Big Data Architect was added this week to our Minneapolis recruiting board. We are looking for someone with expertise in the Hadoop ecosystem: Hive, HDFS, MapReduce, Yarn, Kafka, Pig, Oozie, HBase, Sqoop, and Spark and who have hands on experience with Hands-on experience with Scala, Python and R.

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Survey: Q2 2018 Hottest Skills And Highest Pay For Freelancers


I have been posting a bunch of job, salary, economic, salary and hiring data lately. As a data and trend nerd it allows me to challenge if what I think I see and hear going on is true. It also allows me to figure out what is going on in the next quarter, rest of the year and next year. Yes, at times I am already thinking about 2019. Recent posts:

This next one is sort of a two for one set of data points.

UpWork released their Q2 2018 Skills Index, ranking the 20 fastest-growing skills for freelancers. Here they are:

  • Blockchain

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • Volusion

  • Risk management

  • Product photograpy

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Google App Engine API


  • Gitlab

  • Go development

  • Apple UIKIT

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Tensorflow

  • Atlassian confluence

  • Apple Xcode

  • eLearning

  • Customer retention

  • Articulate storyline

  • Node.js

  • Scala development

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Working Wednesday Vol II: Minnesota Recruiter, Digital And Marketing Jobs


Two weeks in a row… I’m on a roll Smile

Last week I focused on some companies I work with now and in the past… this week 2 job categories.

If your company is hiring send me some info, content and links and I’ll try to include it.

Recruiter Jobs:

Last week I posted about my current sourcing, recruiting and strategy project with the Daugherty Business Solutions Minneapolis team. One of our awesome recruiters has moved to the West Coast and we are looking to add a new recruiter to the team. I posted this Monday:

Minnesota Recruiter, Minneapolis Recruiter

I really do love working with this team and if you or someone you know is a really good recruiter, loves to build tech teams and wants to be part of a great group of recruiters send me a note. If you rather I not know you are looking send a message to Wes Strait, Operations Manager at wes.strait@daugherty.com

I’m going to write more about in the next days… during July I posted 44 Minneapolis and St Paul recruiter jobs. By far the largest number for the month of July since I started posted in 2009. Also, so far this year I have posted 224 recruiter jobs with 178 in 2014 the previous high. And it was only July. So yes, most companies are feeling some stress when it comes to hiring. I have some interesting graphs I’ll be sharing.

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Millennials And Generation X Are Seeking Different Tech Jobs And Skills

Indeed Hiring Lab

This should not be a shock… Millennials and Gen X’ers are looking for different kinds of tech jobs and skills to do it. Surely being in different places of their career, interests, free time, families and finances play a part in it. What is interesting to me is seeing some data about it. Some apples to apples to comparison.

A couple of months ago Indeed had Older and Younger Workers Seek Different Tech Jobs and as usual I am attracted to some data, finding trends, testing if what I think is true or is not.

Job posts by age:

Job seekers ages 21 - 39                               Job seekers ages 40 - 64

Java Developer                                               Vice President of Information Technology

Machine Learning Engineer                         Director of Information Technology

Data Scientist                                                 Chief Engineer

Javascript Developer                                     Director of Security

Front End Developer                                     Director of Product Management

Android Developer                                        Director of Quality Assurance

Computer Vision Engineer                           IT Manager

Python Developer                                         IT Project Manager

Web Developer                                             Lead Architect

FPGA Engineer                                               IT Architect

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Working Wednesday Vol I: Minneapolis And St Paul Tech And Digital Jobs With Daugherty Business Solutions, Structural And Clockwork

Minnesota Tech Jobs

10 years ago as the “Great Recession” was having a significant impact on the Minneapolis, St Paul and Minnesota jobs scene I and others were regularly Tweeting out companies who were hiring and those who were looking for work. As it is appearing we are close to some form of “full employment” a number of companies I know of are recruiting and I have been thinking of different ways to get this out to others in an easy way.

I have been doing this for years with and . But those are just postings… there is also news to share, jobs outside of tech and recruiting and companies that are hiring across multiple skill sets.

So my idea is to do a weekly blog post and do a better job at sharing what I know.

If you have any ideas on how to format this better I gladly take them.

If you are hiring and want others to know about it send me an email paul@mnheadhunter.com and include links, background info, etc.

Volume I… here goes:


Currently most of my time is with Daugherty Business Solutions with a BIG recruiting focus on Project Managers, Scrum Masters and Sr Developers with a Java emphasis. Click Daugherty Business Solutions Minneapolis for all the roles we are recruiting for. If you see something you are interested in send me a note and I gladly give you a bunch of info. And if you are or know of a PM or Scrum Master… seriously, send me a note. I’m working a lot of hours and it is impacting my fishing time Smile

Daugherty has been creating some videos to better tell our story… here is one of the new ones:

Daugherty Profile Series - Raabia Siddiqui from Daugherty Business Solutions on Vimeo.

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