Working Wednesday Vol IV: Dispatch, Bind Benefits, Sansoro Health, Arctic Wolf Hiring And Minnesota Jobs Report


2 days late but still going weekly…

Why didn’t I post anything Wednesday?

- Busy talking with about the roles at Daugherty Business Solutions.

- I didn’t have much hiring news (and y’all should be sending me notes about what your company is up to)

Note… I am not only wanting to post Minneapolis and St Paul tech jobs news. It’s the space I hang out most of the time. If you have tech or non tech news I gladly take it.

And then… WHACK

I was listening to our just published MSP On Deck podcast and remembered a couple of groups that recently announced funding rounds:

- Dispatch, last I heard is looking for 2 Sr Ruby Dev’s. Click and send your resume to They are also looking for delivery drivers in Minneapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Kansas City and Orlando.

- Bind Benefits has a bunch of jobs in tech, product, data science, medical and account managers. Click Bind Benefits Jobs

Some more news items:

-Kathy Grayson at the MSP Business Journal wrote Health-IT company Sansoro raises $8 million; steps up hiring. They have Product Manager, IT Manager and Customer Success Manager roles posted. Click Sansoro Health Jobs.

- Kathy has another story this one Silicon Valley startup Arctic Wolf adds another high-ranking exec to growing Twin Cities office. Click Arctic Wolf Jobs.

Minnesota Jobs News:

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Working Wednesday Vol III: Big Data Architect, Minnesota Tech And Recruiter Jobs, Hiring And Layoff News


I know… I’m a day late. Not for lack of interest on my part but a full calendar of recruiting.

Usually during the summer time there is a minor slow down in hiring. Summer hours and vacations can make it a little difficult to get phone calls, interviews and offers done as fast as usual. I’m not seeing much of a slow period. Many hiring managers and candidates are doing phone and video interviews while on their vacation.

Daugherty Business Solutions:

Today and tomorrow a few Developers and a couple of Recruiters are attending the Midwest JS conference at the University of St Thomas campus. A few days of seeing old friends, making new ones, learning and yes… some recruiting. If you are attending the conference stop by and say hello. I will be there for a short time Friday with Eric Kramlinger and Dave Frolick who will be there the whole conference.

Team Daugherty at Midwest JS

Big Data Architect was added this week to our Minneapolis recruiting board. We are looking for someone with expertise in the Hadoop ecosystem: Hive, HDFS, MapReduce, Yarn, Kafka, Pig, Oozie, HBase, Sqoop, and Spark and who have hands on experience with Hands-on experience with Scala, Python and R.

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Working Wednesday Vol II: Minnesota Recruiter, Digital And Marketing Jobs


Two weeks in a row… I’m on a roll Smile

Last week I focused on some companies I work with now and in the past… this week 2 job categories.

If your company is hiring send me some info, content and links and I’ll try to include it.

Recruiter Jobs:

Last week I posted about my current sourcing, recruiting and strategy project with the Daugherty Business Solutions Minneapolis team. One of our awesome recruiters has moved to the West Coast and we are looking to add a new recruiter to the team. I posted this Monday:

Minnesota Recruiter, Minneapolis Recruiter

I really do love working with this team and if you or someone you know is a really good recruiter, loves to build tech teams and wants to be part of a great group of recruiters send me a note. If you rather I not know you are looking send a message to Wes Strait, Operations Manager at

I’m going to write more about in the next days… during July I posted 44 Minneapolis and St Paul recruiter jobs. By far the largest number for the month of July since I started posted in 2009. Also, so far this year I have posted 224 recruiter jobs with 178 in 2014 the previous high. And it was only July. So yes, most companies are feeling some stress when it comes to hiring. I have some interesting graphs I’ll be sharing.

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Survey: Minnesota #6 Top State for Business

CNBC America's Top States For Doing Business

CNBC released their America’s Top States For Doing Business and Minnesota comes in at #6.

Minnesota has done very well in recent years:

  • #3 2017

  • #4 2016

  • #1 2015

  • #15 2013

Here is how we did:

2018 – 2017 – 2016 – 2015 – 2014 – 2013 – Category

#3 – #3 – #2 – #3 – #4 – #3 Quality of Life

#5 – #5 – #9 – #6 – #11 – #18 Technology & Innovation

#5 – #2 – #2 – #2 – #12 – #23 Education

#6 – #10 – #5 – #9 – #5 – #8 Infrastructure

#16 – #16 – #15 – #13 – #30 – #32 Workforce

#17 – #16 – #21 – #23 – #11 – #17 Access to Capital

#18 – #6 – #17 – #5 – #5 – #10 Economy

#28 – #33 – #27 – #23 – #15 – #15 Business Friendliness

#29 – #31 – #27 – #32 – #28 – #34 Cost of Living

#38 – #36 – #35 – #35 – #38 – #39 Cost of Doing Business

I’m curious about the economy category and why we seem to be bouncing up and down. That seems odd to me.

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Minnesota Morning | Ageism In Tech, Minnesota Has More Jobs Than Unemployed Workers And Make It MSP Recap

CoCo Minneapolis, Coworking
I am back spending more time at CoCo in the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. With the expansion there are more places to work, engage, be social and hide out. I still find my best place to work is “the balcony”. It’s a sweet view, quiet and I still feel like I am near the action without being in it.

And… I will be spending more time in the building. Look for an announcement in the next day or two.

Squirrel moment: Monday I posted 6 new including experience for The Wildflower Foundation.

Ageism In tech

A little more than a year ago I wrote this post, and was not surprised at the number of private messages and email I received from tech pros with a similar story.

Indeed came out with this Report: Ageism in the Tech Industry:

Our survey of tech workers found that close to half of respondents (43%) worry about losing their job because of their age. Even more troubling, nearly one 5th (18%) say they worry about it “all the time.”

That’s a lot of people #ObviousThingToSay

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Minnesota IT Jobs, Salary and Recruiting Report Summer 2015

The most frequently asked questions I receive are some variations of:

What’s going on with Minnesota IT Jobs?

What’s the going salary/rate for a…

“War for Talent” real or not?

How in demand are my skills?

Why can’t we find who we are looking for?

To give some clarity about “what’s going in Minnesota” around this time of year (after all the spring events and conferences) I put together a summary of all of the info I have gathered over the past months, add in a bunch of reference points from national IT job and salary surveys and put it online.

The 2015 version below is 32 minutes in length with 95 slides…. it moves pretty quick:

  • Intro
  • What’s going on in MN
  • Recruiting & Retention
  • Job and Skills in demand
  • Salary info
  • Conclusion

If you are a startup CEO, in HR or a corporate recruiter, tech manager or CIO, coordinate a tech group or are an IT professional (did I leave anyone out?) and have questions, thoughts or comments, or want a copy of the slide deck send me an email:



What did I miss?

I am going to do a series of blog posts expanding on some of the topics covered and can easily add in something you may be curious about.


Click for current blog posts and for searches I am working on.


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Largest Downtown Minneapolis Employers 2015

Minneapolis Downtown Council

Interesting stat from the Minneapolis Downtown Council 2015 annual meeting… the 15 largest employers in Downtown Minneapolis employ 50,583 people. That’s down 1.1% from a year ago.

It needs to be noted that Target is down 20% from last year:

- A large number are now working at the Brooklyn Park campus

- Layoffs and likely this number will drop again this year in part to the Target Canada layoffs

The list with +/- 2014:

  1. Target Corp. 10,000 employees | -20.5%
  2. Wells Fargo & Co., 7,000 | no change

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Survey: 67% Of Minnesota Manufacturers Say It’s difficult To Attract Qualified Candidates

Enterprise Minnesota released their 2014 State of Manufacturing Survey and while generally good news it is a mixed bag of sentiment:


  • 84% are confident in the financial future of their company

  • 45% see in an increase in gross revenue… 47% stay the same


  • 54% see a flat economy… 37% see economic expansion

  • 25% will invest more in employee development… 67% the same

Not so good:

  • 51% say Minnesota is not on the right track as a competitive business location

  • 31% have an employee development and retention program for less experienced employees

Regarding jobs…

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Minnesota Jobs Scene: Q1 2014

I started writing this post more than a week ago and set it aside to work on a couple of other things. With the Target layoff announcement yesterday I thought I should pick this up. See my .

There have been a number of “what happens next” from former Target employees and local and national media wondering about the Minnesota jobs scene.

When I first started writing this I was surprised at the number of companies who were saying they were unsure of their 2014 hiring plans.

And a large number of people who are still thinking about their job and career path and they are wondering what the market is like… is this time to make a move.

With the Target folks it is more immediate, like right now… what are they going to find.

Let’s see if I can handle this well enough for the moment with this one post.

I have a bunch of anecdotal data from hiring managers, companies, associations and personal observations here in Minnesota and I believe that generally we have a positive jobs scene:

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Minnesota IT Job Search And Career Advice

The past couple of weeks I have seen a noticeable significant increase in the number of Minnesota IT professionals reaching out to me via Twitter, LinkedIn, email and shared people connections looking for job search, career, annual review and need to ask for a raise advice.

Maybe the increase is because I have not been attending user group events this summer (#GoneFishing) and absence has made the IT folks hearts grow fonder.

Paul DeBettignies Fishing, Minnesota Recruiter, Minnesota Headhunter

Could be... I doubt it.

My opinion: it’s the beginning of a shift in our IT community... those doing the work are more than ever weighing their options. And they (you) are being more aggressive about.

These are a sample of the questions from the past weeks:

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