Survey: IT Leads Q4 2013 Hiring Forecast And Hot Jobs List

Careerbuilder has their Q4 2013 U.S. Job Forecast (link to their PDF) focusing on full-time, permanent jobs.

Industries hiring more than the national average:

  • 36% Information Technology
  • 32% Financial Services
  • 30% Manufacturing

That IT leads on the survey should be no surprise to anyone.

More highlights from the survey:

Q3 2013 full time, permanent hiring:

  • 28% added (32% 2012)
  • 11% decreased (12% 2012)
  • 60% made no change
  • 1% were unsure (or what I like to call clueless)

Q4 2013

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Minnesota IT Job Search And Career Advice

The past couple of weeks I have seen a noticeable significant increase in the number of Minnesota IT professionals reaching out to me via Twitter, LinkedIn, email and shared people connections looking for job search, career, annual review and need to ask for a raise advice.

Maybe the increase is because I have not been attending user group events this summer (#GoneFishing) and absence has made the IT folks hearts grow fonder.

Paul DeBettignies Fishing, Minnesota Recruiter, Minnesota Headhunter

Could be... I doubt it.

My opinion: it’s the beginning of a shift in our IT community... those doing the work are more than ever weighing their options. And they (you) are being more aggressive about.

These are a sample of the questions from the past weeks:

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Recruiting: Invest In Training With IT Staff

A common theme here on the blog and, well… everywhere else is that companies are having a hard time finding “qualified” or “skilled” IT pros.

I use “” because in part CIO’s and companies are being too picky.

Rather than do that rant again (I’ll save that for another day) let’s talk about this from the developer, DBA or Security Admin perspective.

Attend any IT user group meeting and you will likely hear someone talk about taking a class, working on a certification, attending a conference… doing something to learn new technology, get better at what they do, stay with or get ahead of the technology curve, etc.

You will also hear this question:

“How are you paying for it?”

Most often the response is:

“Out of pocket”

Fact: many (most) companies do little if anything to develop their IT staff yet they talk about the skills shortage.

Here is a simple recruiting and retaining strategy... help your IT staff stay current, relevant with their skills. Help with their career development and path.

Or not... and continue to wonder why you have a recruiting, retention and “skills gap” dilemma.

A recent Robert Half survey (Aug 2013) shows how important this is to IT folks:

IT workers were asked, "When evaluating a job opportunity, how important is the ability to gain new skills in that role?" Their responses:

    • 68% Very important
    • 30% Somewhat important
    • 2% Not important

IT workers were also asked, "How concerned are you about keeping your skills current in the next three to five years?" Their responses:

    • 64% Very concerned
    • 29% Somewhat concerned
    • 7% Not concerned

CIOs were asked, "Does your organization have a training and development program for IT professionals?" Their responses:

    • 55% Yes
    • 44% No
    • 1% Don't know

So maybe more companies are thinking about this than I think they are. Still… I suggest 44% is a really low number.


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TV Interview... “I Quit” Is More Common As The Economy Gets Better

Paul DeBettignies with Randy Meier at Fox 9 News, I Quit, Minnesota Recruiter, Minnesota Headhunter Paul DeBettignies, Minnesota Headhunter, Minnesota Recruiter

I was invited out to FOX 9 to talk about the the latest BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey showing 2.25 million folks quit their job in April, a 7.2 percent jump from March and just below February which was a multi year high.

There is starting to be a more noticeable churn within the job economy. Some folks are leaving one job for another and some... many more than a year ago are leaving a job without a next one lined up.

Yeah, that’s right... quitting without a next place to call “home away from home”.

Do I recommend this?

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Most In Demand IT Certifications - March 2013

WantedAnalytics analyzed 800,000+ jobs in March 2013 and came up with a list of the Most In-Demand Certifications for Tech Jobs.

What I really want to know… what is the percentage of jobs asking for them and what is the trend?

Here in Minneapolis I am seeing less requests for certifications. That may be because I am working with more start up and tech small tech companies than I did in the past.

The req’s my colleagues send from large/enterprise companies (to see if I can lend a hand) seem to have fewer of these being asked for than a year ago.


Here is the list:

  1. Project Management Professional (PMP)
  2. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  3. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  4. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
  5. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  6. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)
  7. Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)
  8. Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)
  9. DoD 8570 Certification
  10. Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
  11. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  12. ITIL Foundation certification (v3)
  13. Certified Scrum Coach
  14. IBM Rational Unified Process Certification (RUP)
  15. Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)

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Minnesota IT Jobs Most In Demand By Title

Wanted Analytics used a recent report on cities seeing the most growth in IT jobs, Minneapolis was on the list, and did a little research to see which jobs were most in demand.

There are a few interesting points to note for Minneapolis (sorry St Paul friends, but you know you are included)…

- With Project Manager and Senior Project Manger both on the list we know this is good news for the IT community. This means we have a lot of work going on now and down the road. Good news for all in IT.

- Business Analyst and Senior Business Analyst same as above

- Software Engineer and Web Developer: I am mighty curious about what skill sets are listed with those jobs. it also leads me to believe that my Recruiter and HR friends could do a better job of listing the skill set needed… I wonder how many false positives candidates are seeing in searches. For example, a JavaScript developer is likely clicking on Web Developer and finding PHP jobs. That is a rant for a future blog post.

Here are the IT job titles by rank for Minneapolis, MN:

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Study: Best Paying Jobs For Two And Four Year Degrees

Over the next couple of months I am doing a number of presentations with high school seniors and college students who have not yet declared a major.

I am giving them a recruiter perspective on what the job market looks like today, a few years down the road and how they can best prepare themselves.

Two of the most frequently asked questions from the high school kids are, “What jobs pay the most?” and “Do I need to go to college… do I need a four year degree?”

I tell them (in my opinion) money is not everything and that they should be life long learners… those both tend to get “eyes rolling”.

I get where they are coming from… I was the same way at their age.

I do talk about finding something they can be passionate about and how the STEM fields are in high demand.

Do I think they need to further their education? Absolutely and always.

In doing some research I came across this 2013 study from CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl (EMSI):

Best-Paying Jobs For Two-Year and Four-Year Degrees

From the press release:

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Fewer Employers Investing In Continuing Education

Robert Half has a new survey Discontinuing Education that shows fewer employers are reimbursing their employees for continuing education.

The question asked was:

"Does your company reimburse employees for the continuing education units needed to maintain their professional designations, such as the certified public accountant (CPA) or certified management accountant (CMA)?"

The results:

Robert Half 2012 Tuition Reimbursement Survey

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55% of Global Workers Are Considering A Career Change Because Of The Economy

This hit the wire and Internet today: Monster Worldwide Poll Reveals 55 Percent of Global Workers are Considering a Career Change in Response to Economic Climate

Before getting to the statistics I wonder:

- what percentage will actually do something about it?

- how many will actually find a better situation?

To the poll…

International results:

  • Yes, I am trying to switch my career: 55%

  • Maybe, if I can find a better career: 30%

  • No, my career is not impacted by economic troubles: 15%

The numbers were fairly consistent:

  • North American regions included US: 56%

  • Canada: 55%

  • Mexico: 51%

I do like these kinds of polls because over a period of time (ups, downs and trends) one can get a sense of what folks are thinking about.

That only 15% say their career is not impacted by economic troubles leaves me thinking there are a lot of worried people.

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Study: 466000 Apps Jobs Available

I don’t know how accurate this number is but TechNet partnered with Dr Michael Mandel to see what the number of jobs available are today versus the ZERO number in 2007.

Can you say thank you Apple, Google and Facebook among the many?

As usual I do not get stuck on the numbers or what search words were used for the survey. You can click Where The Jobs Are: The App Economy

What I always look for are the trends and no doubt here in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul the high demand (and increasing every day) for mobile developers, app developers, software engineers and web developers who can create code like this is through the roof.

Add on the designer, marketing and support jobs that are created downstream and this 466,000 number seems realistic. It could also be very low.

It for sure confirms the trend.

Commercial Break:

I would be silly if I did not say that should you be reading this and looking for a Minnesota IT job including one creating mobile apps you should contact me. This includes those who may not be looking but just want to talk about salaries, demand, the local tech community, etc

Back to the post…

Here are some nuggets from the study and below is a short clip from CNBC that aired this afternoon:

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