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3 Ways To Create A Recession-Proof Resume

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

It’s no secret that a recession is one of the toughest times to find employment.  With millions of workers looking for positions, your competition is incredibly steep.  The good news is that job seeking during a recession doesn’t mean you can’t be hired.  It does mean, however, that you will need to work to secure a job.  A great way to increase your chances of being hired is by creating a recession-proof resume.

What is a Recession-Proof Resume?

A recession-proof resume is one that is able to get you hired under the toughest of economic conditions.  With dozens—and sometimes even hundreds—of job seekers vying for the same position, it’s pertinent that you find ways to make yourself stand out from the pack.

The recession-proof resume is able to accomplish this goal because it brings forward your strongest qualities as a professional in your field.  It helps ensure you’re able to find a quality job even when it seems no one is being hired, making it immune to the conditions of a recession.

3 Tips for Writing a Quality Recession-Proof Resume

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The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge 2012 – Recap

Every year I stop by this event and every year I have failed to write a blog post about it which is odd because it is an intersection of my life: tech folks, friends and non profits.

The Nerdery hosted their Overnight Website Challenge at the University of Minnesota St Paul campus and the space was packed. How packed?

They had 18 web teams (10 folks in a team) and 18 non profits and community organizations.

Here are some photos of the three rooms:

The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge 2012 029 The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge 2012 009 The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge 2012 014 The Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge 2012 017

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Minnesota Recruiter Jobs

The following new Minnesota Recruiter Jobs have been added to the page:

    Check out . An informal group of 2,900 corporate, consulting and search firm recruiters - you must be in Minnesota to join.


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    Project Management No-Nos That Apply To Your Job, Too

    The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

    Though I’m not a project manager, I often pick up issues of PM Network to see what kind of career advice it has. I often find that the career advice it gives is widely transferable to many fields beyond project management. The February 2012 issue of PM Network boasts an article titled “10 Mistakes That Could Get You Fired,” which I found to be both enlightening and applicable to almost all industries.

    So many professionals are guilty of these missteps that it bears spreading the good information that the article provides. I picked out five of the 10 mistakes featured in the article (some were indeed more focused project management) that could apply to any professional. Here is a summary of those mistakes outlined and how they may apply to you:

    1. “Guesstimating.” Providing clients, teams, and superiors with guesstimates and of required or requested data can be dangerous and can ruin your credibility if proven false. In a large executive meeting I once attended, a young analyst was asked to address a crowd of corporate clients to provide information on an upcoming new product. When asked in front of the crowd by our company CEO to provide the date of launch the analyst gave a noncommittal “mid spring” as his answer. Frustrated the CEO fired back “Spring is not a date; it’s a season.” However prepared the analyst thought he was, he quickly learned that rather than replying with a “let me get back to you on that”, his guesstimating efforts wouldn’t cut it in that corporate environment.

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    List: 2012 Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal 40 Under Forty

    Congratulations to this years Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal 40 Under Forty. A talented group for sure and very happy to call a few of them Friend.

    Here is the list with the link back to the Business Journal and their profile:

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    Minnesota Job And Career Fair: Jobs Summit 2012

    The Minnesota Recruiting and Staffing Association will be hosting the 2012 Jobs Summit March 27th (next week) from 9 am to 2 pm at the Minnesota School of Business in Richfield.

    This is a FREE event for job seekers and has four parts:

    Job Fair

    30 staffing and recruiting companies will be interviewing for full time, part time and contract jobs.

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    This IT Job Post Sucks

    I was having a conversation with a client about their job posts and after many months saying theirs sucked… they said “You are right.”

    After asking them to repeat that last part (it was a minor victory) we took a tour of some different company web sites and job boards.

    I found the following IT job post on Craig’s List:

    IT Job Post Sucks 


    Who thought this was good idea?

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    Minnesota Morning: Economy, War For Talent And Gopher Hockey Edition

    After a couple of weeks of being able to fall asleep at night… last night was not such a good night. I went to bed well after midnight  and woke up well before the birds started chirping.

    So no words of wisdom or funny things to say today…


    The middle of the month is always a busy time for different economic reports and there were a bunch of mostly good news last week highlighted by:

    - Initial Jobless Claims: March 10th the Labor Department reported 351,000 people filed for initial unemployment benefits. That was below the average market predictions of 355,000 and down from the revised number of 365,000 claims the previous week. The 4 week moving average was unchanged at 355,750.

    Initial Unemployment Claims 4 wk Moving Average - Haver Analytics

    Ongoing claims were 3.343M much lower than predictions and lower than the 3.424M.

    - Philly Fed: March 15th the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia released their general economic index. 12.5 was the number in line with predictions and up from 10.2 in February. This is a positive indicator with manufacturers putting out more products which tend to lead to hiring more folks. The New York index was also a positive report.

    - The Thomson Reuters & University of Michigan preliminary index of consumer sentiment dropped to 74.3 from 75.3. 76.0 was the average prediction. Gas & fuel prices are most to blame for the negativity.

    Check out The American economy: Unmired at last (The Economist)


    War For Talent

    I am seeing this phrase (popular from 2003-2007) more and more as the economy continues to recover. For those of us in I.T. this is not news and is more like “where have you been” kind of news.

    Today on is this article The War for Talent Is Returning; Don’t Get Caught Unprepared from Dr John Sullivan.

    I am not a big fan of the words “war” and “talent” but it is the phrase the industry uses.

    It is always easy to use Silicon Valley as a place to talk about the “war” but here in Minnesota when it comes to recruiting I.T. folks we have definitely seen the increase in competition to hire moving past a “skirmish” but not quite a “war”.

    Gopher Hockey

    Congratulations to the Minnesota Golden Gopher Women’s Hockey Team for their victory over the Wisconsin Badgers in the NCAA Frozen Four Championship Game

    This is the Gophers third NCAA Championship with the most recent in 2005.

    Check out the post on Gopher Women's Hockey Wins National Championship where you will see a lot of information about the game including this video:


    This still shot is currently the splash page on the Gophers web site:


    Minnesota Golden Gophers Womens Hockey 2012 National Champions


    Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has declared today to be Gopher Women's Hockey National Champions Day.



    Minnesota Business


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    Minnesota Morning: Summer In March, Gopher Hockey And March Madness Edition

    It might normally be around this time of the year when someone in Minneapolis might say that spring has sprung. Not so much last year as we did not get to see spring until almost June.

    This year... we skipped spring (for now) and jumped to June.

    And I like it… for the most part.

    The only thing that I have not liked so far has been the rock concert the birds are putting on in my courtyard between 5 am and 6:30 am. I love the birds and the spring they bring with them but dang.. why so early?

    Here is one particular crooner. I took this at 8 pm. I love the song. It sounds good at 8 pm.

    But I have different feelings for it at 5 am:


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    Executives Have To Eat Too - Resources For Executive Job Search

    The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

    "Dream more than others think practical…Expect more than others think possible." - Howard Schultz

    The infamous food chain (not to be confused with a food web!).

    This is where corporate life mimics the animal world, although in the corporate world the food chain is shaped like a pyramid, with lots of junior employees at the base and fewer senior people as you move up the pyramid.

    With that picture in mind, the more senior your role, the more difficult it is to find a new job. So, how long does it take to find a more senior job?

    The answer is similar to the question "how long is a piece of string?" - it depends.

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