Minnesota Morning: Happy New Year 2012 Edition
Minnesota Morning: Economy, Wisconsin Fans Edition

Minnesota Morning: Recruiter, HR, Marc Cuban And Vikings Edition

I messed up Saturday... I forgot to hit “publish” so this is a bit of a 2 fer 1 post. With that, no extra commentary today.

“The one requirement for success in our business lives is effort”

Marc Cuban (entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks) has written an ebook “How To Win At The Sport Of Business: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It.”

Business Insider has There's Only One Thing In Life You Can Control: Your Own Effort with an excerpt with a link to some more.

This quote hits home:

“In sports, the only thing a player can truly control is effort. The same applies to business. The only thing any entrepreneur, salesperson or anyone in any position can control is their effort.”

While I enjoy sports and politics in part because I can look in the paper and see how won and who lost I have always looked at my business and life as more of a golf scenario.

Yes there are others playing but I need to play the course as best I can. What others do I cannot control but I need to do the best I can. Maybe that’s too simple but it works for me.


I mentioned in Minnesota Morning: Welcome Back, Transplants, Bowl Games Edition a story about how one Minnesota neighbor donated a kidney to another. Here is the story from WCCO TV


Human Capital

I wrote this post Wondering: What do non HR folks think of the phrase "Human Capital" a couple of weeks ago and was not surprised with the response I received.

I also was not surprised at the number of email I received from HR practitioners who did not want their comments in public but they too are not a fan of the phrase.

The email I received is similar in tone and in number for/against the phrase found in the LinkedIn question I asked Wondering: What do non HR folks think of the phrase "Human Capital"

So I wonder… why use a phrase that one should be aware would have a negative connotation?


Today’s Links (from the past couple of weeks)…

Recruiter & HR:

Minnesota Business:

General Business:

Bowl Games:

Well, it is sort of New Year’s Day in the college football world. With the NFL season running long they played on Sunday so the traditional New Year’s Day bowl games were pushed to today

So far I am 20 - 3 in my predictions (I always do better when I don’t really care who wins) but I am going to go down in flames today I am sure.

Today’s games are:

Houston Cougars vs Penn State Nittany Lions - TicketCity Bowl

Michigan State Spartans vs Georgia Bulldogs - Outback Bowl

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs South Carolina Gamecocks - Capital One Bowl

Ohio State Buckeyes vs Florida Gators - Gator Bowl

Wisconsin Badgers vs Oregon Ducks - Rose Bowl

Stanford Cardinal vs Oklahoma State Cowboys - Fiesta Bowl

I am going with Houston, Michigan State, South Carolina, Florida, Oregon, Oklahoma State. No, I do not think the Big Ten will have a good day today. Yes, I think Oklahoma State should be playing LSU to see who is #1.

Minnesota Vikings:

Just a foot note which is all they should really get. They finished 3-13 and for the first time in the 51 years failed to beat a conference team. That’s right… the Vikings lost both games to the Packers, Bears and Lions.

Jim Kleinsasser announced his retirement a couple of weeks ago. What a great guy he has been in the community and so cool that he played his whole career in Minnesota.

Jared Allen (@JaredAllen69) now has the most sacks in Vikings history and finished .5 sacks behind the single season NFL record of Michael Strahan. Remember the flop Brett Favre took for him so that he could pass Mark Gastineau as the single season leader? If not for that, Allen would be tied with Gastineau.

Finally there is this funny pic that Adrian Peterson (@AdrianPeterson) Tweeted out:

“My time bringing in the New Year was great! Thanks to family & a lil Blue Bell country ice cream”

Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings


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