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Wondering: What do non HR folks think of the phrase "Human Capital"

From the get go let me say I am biased… I think this term sucks. I am also not a fan of “Human Resources” but that horse ran out of the barn long before I got here.

Why you ask???

I think the the words and phrases we use matter.

So when companies say that people are their greatest asset, that without them their companies would not be successful and then words or phrases are used make the people who are their greatest asset into “things”… I object.

It’s just not consistent.

So my question is posed to those not in HR or Recruiting… what do you think of and/or how do you react to the phrase “Human Capital”?

I asked this question yesterday on Twitter and Facebook and had some immediate reaction.

I then posed it on LinkedIn too and you can find the replies (there are many of them) by clicking:

Wondering: What do non HR folks think of the phrase "Human Capital"

I had already planned on using the cartoon below in this blog post and I was happy that one of the replies on LinkedIn referred to it too.

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