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December 21, 2011


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David Lee


There are several forms of this. I have been asked to "interview" with two different Fortune 500 companies where I was asked questions about things I have done. In one case I was forwarded to a "hiring manager" but not given a name in advance. After the interview I looked the person up on LinkedIn. They were in the position I was interviewing for. In the other I was asked to interview with the person who would report to me if I was hired. The position was open for 6 months and they interviewed many candidates (social media connects people in many ways). In the end, the person who was to report to the position was instead promoted.

What these companies don't realize is that they are adversely impacting their credibility and people will be reluctant to interview with them because of it. The cost to their reputation will be more than the cost to get the information they sought from a consultant.

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