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Minnesota Morning: Happy New Year 2012 Edition

Minnesota Morning: Welcome Back, Transplants, Bowl Games Edition

Hello blog, it’s me Paul…

You’re right, it’s been a long time I know.

Yes I know, I have sucked.

And I have said this many times over the 6 years since I started you and rarely followed through, I want to do better.

We have a lot… A LOT to catch up on.

Give me another chance?

Thanks. I will do better. It can only get better, right?

So where to start…

For those of you getting the RSS feed or posts via email you are going to see a bunch of blog posts in the coming week. It could be 3-4 a day and it might be annoying.

I have posts recapping events I have attended, conferences I have spoken at and some specific posts about hiring, job statistics and Minnesota news items that I do not want to dump in one big blog post link fest.

I am also going to try and get back to doing the Minnesota Morning posts like this one where I will link to what I am reading (could be anything from recruiter stuff to sports), post a pic or two, highlight some upcoming events, etc.

It will also have some opinions (we know I have a large supply of them) and with this being an election year I am sure I will find things to rant about.

So hang in here with me as I try to get some things updated.

Today is just a couple of quick items as I start to get back in the swing of things...


Yesterday the first thing I read in the morning was this blog post from Robyn Flach (@justrobyn) Can I borrow a cup of sugar? Thanks! How 'bout one of your Kidneys? and I was stopped in my tracks.

I followed Robin’s updates about the surgery and hear today that Jamie Yuccas (@jamieyuccas) of WCCO TV visited with everyone at the hospital today and will have a story tonight at 6 PM.

I will for sure post the video tomorrow.

Bowl Games

What do college football bowl games have to do with “Minnesota Headhunter”? Absolutely nothing other than college football is my addiction.

I don’t smoke, gamble, drink much or often. But I can watch 13 hours of college football and still want more.

And while my Golden Gophers are not in a bowl (again) this year I still pick teams to cheer for and in some cases have a team to cheer against.

Before getting to some of the games I am going to take a moment to take a shot at a couple of rivals.

First up… Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz gave an interview leading up to their bowl game and he clearly is not happy about the onside kick Minnesota put on his team that ultimately led to the Gophers keeping Floyd of Rosedale.

Here is the article “Steps in the dance” from The Gazette (Cedar Rapids)

Memo to Kirk Ferentz: read the rule book. Specifically:

Free Kick Formation
a. Each Team A player, except the holder and kicker of a place kick, must be behind the ball (A.R. 6-1-2-V) [S18]

Coach Ferentz… get over it.

Next up… Wisconsin Badgers

I saw this posted on the Gopher Illustrated site (click to enlarge):

Wisconsin Badgers East Shit Fuck You

That’s right… the captains of the Wisconsin Badgers football team are reminding their fans to be classy at the Rose Bowl.

They need reminding to not chant “Eat (Bleep) … (Bleep) You)”

Do a search on YouTube for it. Real classy.

So far by my count there have been 14 bowl games played. Some have been good, some not so good.

But last night the Alamo Bowl became a video game that folks my age would call TecmoBowl.

#12 Baylor Bears and Washington Huskies put up numbers only duplicated in video games. Baylor won 67-56. Click Baylor vs Washington for the crazy stats.

Today we have 4 games:

BYU Cougars vs Tulsa Golden Hurricane in Armed Forces Bowl

Rutgers Scarlet Knights vs Iowa St Cyclones in Pinstripe Bowl

Mississippi State Bulldogs vs Wake Forest Demon Deacons in Music City Bowl

Iowa Hawkeyes vs #14 Oklahoma Sooners in Insight Bowl

My teams today are BYU, Iowa St, Mississippi St and Oklahoma


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