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I Can't Get No Job Satisfaction

"It is often hard to distinguish between the hard knocks in life and those of opportunity." - Frederick Phillips

Not feeling appreciated at work?

Feeling underpaid or under valued?

Why spend time focused on getting a new job before you've spend time improving the job you've got? The vast majority of us have had the "I wish I could quit my job right now" feeling. And, many of us get so frustrated (for a variety of reasons) that we start our job hunt with a single purpose in mind - "get me out of here".

But what about all of the positive things about your job and company?

What if you took a different approach and committed to not only making the best of it, but making your job the best. Now I will be the first to admit that there are times this will not work (or maybe you don't want it to work).

So, even if you've been committed to leaving your current job, maybe now is the time to give it a second chance.

  • So What's Bugging Me? - Okay, so the first thing you need to do is make a list of all of the things that are bothering you about your job. Long hours, underpaid, worried about losing your job. I'm sure there can be, at times, a very long list of reasons why you don't like your job. Make the list and be honest about the things that, if fixed, would change your attitude and view. Okay, now think about how you might change some of these things. ==>> Make Any Job Better!
  • I Don't Get Paid Enough - One common woe is not getting paid what you think you are worth. There are two slants to this. First, how did you determine what you are worth? An easy way to check is through a salary comparison site such as or These sites are ballpark but they should be close enough to let you confirm a range of salaries. Second, maybe you can influence what you are paid. And if there is a way, it is worth giving it a try. But there are other items that impact your overall compensation and getting some of these may help as well. ==>> Clever Ways to Get a Raise: Perks you Might Not Have Thought About
  • Maybe I'm Just Bored with what I'm doing - How long have you been in your role? Is there something else at your company you would rather be doing? Have you talked to your manager or HR. Is there an internal job posting you can look at? Maybe you have an idea for a new or expanded role that will save money or increase revenue. Maybe you would like to work in another city or company location. There are many ways you can make your job more exciting or different. ==>> 13 Ideas To Make Boring Jobs Bearable And A Little More Interesting
  • What do I like about my Job? - Similar to the list you made about what you don't like, you should make a list of what you do like (and if you can't think of anything, just skip to the next bullet below). Maybe you get to work from home sometimes or maybe you get to travel on business. Perhaps you are well paid and it would be difficult to match to beat your current salary. What about your coworkers, do you have any close friends at work that you would really miss if you moved on? ==>>Why I Like My Job
  • How do I know if it's Time to Look for a New Job? - Been through all of the stuff listed above? Still think it is not going to work out? Maybe you are still not sure but don't know what else you can do. If you are still not sure, then you need to take a career test or read a few articles about knowing when it's time to look for a new job ==>>The Career Doctor's Cures & Remedies: "How do I know when it is time to leave my job?"

Good luck in your search.

Author: CareerAlley

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