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December 19, 2011


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Travis Johnson

Great post! I'm in the middle of transition right now, actually; I let my boss know last week that I'm leaving this week, and I start my new gig in a couple of weeks. I feel really blessed to be able to make a change by choice, but it's not easy separating from a company when the relationship is going fine. I definitely thought through the types of questions you posted but in the end decided it was the right thing to do, even it was the hard thing to do.

jordan shoes

Most of them liked their managers.

Most of them like their companies.

But sometimes it is best to move on. Sometimes the best path is to start a new one. Sometimes change is needed.

All of them have for years heard me talk about how the job search is a lot like dating.

What they never thought about was the act of giving notice to leave is a lot like breaking up with someone you have feelings for but know it is not going to work out.

I ask them the usual questions like:

- Are you sure about this?

- What will you do if/when you get a counter offer?

- Are you prepared if they give you a box and 5 minutes to clean out or worse, show you the door immediately

So if you are giving notice and feel “bad” about it or are shocked to find you still have “feelings” no worries… breaking

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