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November 04, 2011


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Susan Gainen

While I agree that in and of itself, blogging cannot make someone an expert, blogging is a portal to knowledge. Done correctly, it can create an opportunity for career advancement.

In the same way that a brand-new journalism degree doesn't give a reporter the years of experience needed to go head to head with a nuclear physicist on the nuances of physics, it should give her some tools to begin to have a conversation that might yield useful information that could be blogged.

(Not a bad idea, actually, inasmuch as it is tough to find entry-level journalism gigs.)

Job seeking bloggers can use their platform to connect with professionals in their fields -- not to portray themselves as experts -- but they can interview the experts and write. They can blog about those interviews and the knowledge that the experts are willing to share.

Pre-requisites: You have to have a blog that is intelligent, sensible, and professional. Before granting an interview, any smart source will look at the blog and make a judgement about the platform. If it has even a whiff of unprofessionalism, the source should smartly decline.

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