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Resume Tip: Do Not Misspell Your Name

Please for the love of whoever or whatever you believe in or if you just do not want to look like an idiot... do not misspell your own name on a resume.

I mean... really???

(censored the next line)

So ends my shortest blog post (by a lot).

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Brandon Moser

We once received misspelled information on a resume. The recruiting company (to not be named) modified the interviewee's resume and in the process misspelled the name and website of a Web Designer. When they arrived for their interview, I informed them of the issue and they were very appreciative and were not happy with the recruiter.


Question: when you're in the process of changing your name (i.e. me) what name do you put on your resume? Legal name? Name that I would like to be hired under?

Another reason why changing your name stinks.

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