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May 24, 2011


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gregg dourgarian

good post Paul...I think I'm ready to use a recruiter if there is one out there that doesn't use social networks and only works off of his/her personal trust.

steve jewell

Paul- I can almost see you in your "green man" skin as you wrote this. Way too much broadcasting of jobs and way too little engagement = failure & SPAM.

Well spoken my... "recruiter friend"!

Pete Radloff

Bravo Paul. Agreed on all points. The Jobs tool provides a much needed service to the members, but should not be abused. Some of the responsibility falls on the manager of the group who can accept/deny or kick people out.

PS - What if Pauly D from the Jersey Shore has a LinkedIn account. Is the profile name valid then? :)


I prefer that recruiters post every different job (if they have 4 openings that are exactly the same, that's one job). However, they should only post each job once (I've seen some post the same job multiple times within a week) and, most importantly, they should include all relevant info - I've seen way too many job postings that were pretty much nothing more than job title (no experience requirements, no location, no comment on telecommuting, no info on perks/benefits, and sometimes not even if it is perm or contract).

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