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Protecting Your Executive Brand Online

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As an executive, your brand means everything. It tells those in your field and beyond what you’ve accomplished in your years as a professional. But more important, it gives insight into what you will bring to the table if hired.

Since much of an executive’s brand is managed online nowadays, it faces threats that were not seen decades ago. So how can executives live their lives without threatening the brand they’ve worked so hard to build?

Slow Down On the Online Fun

There’s no doubt that there’s plenty of fun to be had over the Internet. Whether you’re playing online games or writing a casual blog there are a lot of reasons to jump on the Internet bandwagon. The only problem is if you have too much fun, you could actually diminish your brand.

It’s for this reason that it’s important to maintain the same professional presence online that you maintain offline. This means using respectable language and remaining politically correct on any website that your name is attached to. This will help you avoid contradicting your executive brand.

Participate in Social Networking Cautiously

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Minnesota Recruiters Conference 13 | Recap


On April 15th, 2011 we held the 13th Minnesota Recruiters Conference at Best Buy HQ’s. We had around 200 in attendance that day.

The night before the event sponsors, speakers and volunteers were invited to Oberon (group sponsor) to help celebrate their 5th Anniversary

 11-4-15 Minnesota Recruiters Conference - Oberon Anniversary 11-4-15 Minnesota Recruiters Conference - Oberon Anniversary

This gave me some time to finally meet in person someone who I have called friend for 5+ years, Jim Durbin (Blog - Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook). I met Jim online shortly after I started this blog when he was working as a recruiter in St. Louis.

For our event we brought Jim and his business partner Craig Fisher (Blog - Twitter - LinkedIn) to present to the group.

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Recruiters: Stop Spamming LinkedIn Groups

For the love of (whoever or whatever you believe in) please make it stop!!!

Memo to LinkedIn Group Managers:

You could help with this. Email the offenders and explain to them that their relentless posting will not be tolerated.

Or… risk losing people from your group who opt out of the whole thing.

Hey you Recruiter person, yeah you… your every day job posting on LinkedIn groups is annoying.

It’s called Spam.

How is it working for you? Are you getting the folks you need?

Or are you annoying people?

Have you even thought about this? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Instead of just ranting at you allow me to give you a few tips:

- You do not need to post each job.

  • How about one post that says 4 new jobs have been posted

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Paul DeBettignies KARE 11 TV Interview On Job Search

I was interviewed by Jordana Green (Twitter & LinkedIn) on KARE 11 Today about job search, economy and hiring trends in part as a promo for her story that aired later that night. She tracked the job search of an unemployed accountant, see the video below.

With the economy slowly getting better and in some cases already a shortage of people in some skill sets many folks have forgotten about the unemployed people in our communities.

I hope that KARE (or any TV station) continues to follow these types of stories as the impact from the recession will continue for quite some time.

While our live portion was pretty quick we then hosted a live chat on their Facebook page which you can see by clicking:

For about 90 minutes we answered questions both on the chat screen and on the air.

I learned something about myself… I cannot speak and type at the same time. Dang, that was hard to do so I decided to do one or the other but not both.

Here are a few photos from the day:

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LinkedIn Is A Great Tool, But I Am Not Buying The IPO Hype

Let me be clear about this:

- I am a HUGE fan of LinkedIn. It is a great tool for recruiters, job seekers and those (which should be everyone) who are looking to maintain their professional network.

- I am not a stock analyst nor should you take financial advice from me

- I am a HUGE fan of social networking and social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc

- I have had a paid subscription to LinkedIn for as best I can remember two years.

- I am a client of

OK, I needed to get all of that out for these next thoughts starting with:

I call BS on the hype of the LinkedIn IPO.

Yes, this is a good company, in a niche that it mostly owns, with a revenue stream that provides good value to its customers.

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Minnesota Recruiter Jobs

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Mistakes That Ruin A Resume: Advice For Recent College Graduates

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The following resume flaws might hinder your chances for finding the ultimate post graduation job.

Unprofessional Paper

In the movie, Legally Blonde, the main character struts around campus with a pink, rose scented resume. This is not the way to land a long term relationship with a company you are interested in working for. White paper is still the norm, and if you are going to use anything different, keep it simple with off-white, cream, beige, or another neutral color. Copy stores generally offer advice in this area and can suggest paper that will suit your needs and your personality.

The thing to remember is that less is more when it comes to shopping your resume around. Papers also come in different thicknesses or weights. While you don’t want to submit paper that is so thin it appears transparent, you also don’t want to submit a resume on a paper that is as thick as cardboard.

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3 Ways To Ease The Monotony Of Resume Writing

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It’s true that everyone can get tired of writing resumes.  But the reason for it isn’t usually laziness; it’s that the process can feel so tedious.  Having to sit there and think about everything you’ve accomplished in your career can be overwhelming, especially since you have to incorporate different information into each resume every time you apply for a different position.

The process can sometimes be so tedious that it becomes difficult to achieve the focus necessary to send an impactful message.  Of course, you don’t want this to happen, which is why it’s good to use various strategies to ease the monotony of the writing process.

Work From a Master Resume

One great way to ease the monotony of resume writing is to work from a master resume.  The master resume is used as an organizational tool that allows you to place all of the details of your career into one large document.  It is never submitted to employer but is instead used as a reference point for you.

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Minnesota IT Jobs With Minnesota Non Profits

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Why Banning Social Media At Work Is Silly

These are just some quick observations and not meant to be any sort of thought piece…

Why do companies limit access to Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Some response I frequently see:

- Afraid of what employees will say, give out secrets

    • Can’t they do that when they get home?
    • If this truly is a fear, how did they make it through the interview and screening process. Why were they hired?

- Worried about time spent on the sites

    • OK, so I assume that their employees are only working a 40 hour week and weekends are completely free from work. If not, being able to send quick messages to family and friends seems reasonable.


This just in… most cell phones can access these sites.

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