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4 Ways To Balance Your Job Search

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Whenever I talk to job seekers who have been unsuccessfully searching for work for a long time, I often hear a common theme.  These candidates have spent almost 100% of their job search time sitting behind a computer searching through online job ads.  This is simply not the most effective use of your time out of the workforce.  Here are some tips for balancing your activity during your search:

Make a point to network every single week.

The old adage, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” really is true.  In most cases, a friend or colleague won’t be able to get you a job for which you’re not qualified, but they may be able to get you an interview when your resume would otherwise have been overlooked.  Anything you do that involves talking to other people about your job search counts as networking, whether it’s lunch with a former coworker, coffee with a recruiter, or a formal networking event in your area.

Schedule time for follow-ups.

Whether you’re inquiring about a submitted job application or following up with a colleague you met while networking, these intimidating tasks often get pushed to the back burner as you prioritize your time.  Scheduling them into your weekly agenda ensures that you will set aside adequate time to close the circle with various activities that you’ve started.

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Minnesota Recruiter Jobs

The following new Minnesota Recruiter Jobs have been added to the :

- Full Time Job -

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Job Search Seminar: Be Your Own Headhunter

After getting an increased number of calls in recent weeks from folks seeking advice and help it is time to bring back the job search, LinkedIn and networking seminars.

Rather than do a session specific to job search and then general sessions on LinkedIn and social media I am doing one only focused on the job search.

Over 13 years as a search firm recruiter I have had a unique look at this process from the corporate recruiter and HR side and from the job seekers.

This is going to be a slightly more aggressive version of what I have been doing for 8+ years and I am going to show how I would do a job search in this economy.

2.5 hours seems like a long time but I am going to cover a lot of topics including:

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3 Mistakes You’re Making On Your Resume And How To Correct Them Now

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As a former hiring manager I tend to have a critical eye on resumes that pass through my line of sight.  Because I’m so involved in this industry I see tons of resumes on a daily basis.  Although job seekers tend to make many different kinds of mistakes on their resumes, here are the main three I see most often that tend to tarnish that five-second review you get from hiring managers.


You can preach all day about the keywords and content of a resume, but I stand by this as the most important principle in resume writing—you MUST have an attractive resume format if you want to be seriously considered.  Messy, disorganized, unpolished resume formats say exactly that about the type of candidate you are—not to mention that they are difficult to read.  If you’re making it hard for the hiring manager to find the information he needs to consider you for employment, you just lost your shot at the job.  Someone else will have taken the time to construct a strategically laid out resume that is polished, easy-to-read, and attractive to the eye.  Don’t believe me?  Think about print advertising.  If it’s hard to read or looks messy you’re not going to waste your time reading the ad.  But, if it’s eye-catching and professional looking you just might invest the time.

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Minnesota Recruiters Conference 12 | Fall 2010 | Save The Date

Conference 12 | Fall 2010 will be held December 3, 2010 from 8 AM to Noon at General Mills Headquarters

For this event we will have a 3 speaker format similar to previous events. For those curious about why not the small group discussions there were a number of attendees who suggested alternating between the two formats.

I asked, they spoke and I heard. We will do small group sessions at our next event

November 15th I will send out the formal invite and registration link.

Between now and the event we will be scheduling webinars in November with sessions from previous events.

Thanks to our 2010 Sponsors (click logo for company web site):

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10 Things You Should Know About When Working With An Agency Recruiter

SmartMoney has 10 Things Employment Recruiters Won't Say and I have to say… I agree with most of what they say.

It should be noted that there are exceptions. While most Search Firm Recruiters, Agency Recruiters, Employment Recruiters are in the business for the transactions there are many of us who are in it for the relationships.

So not all of these fit for every Recruiter but it would be safe to start here. Do click the link above to see their explanations. I have put mine below:

1. “There are better ways to find a job.”

I do not know about better but working with someone like me is one of the many tools you should be using. Do not rely on any one thing or person to find you your next job.

2. “We don’t work for you.”

Absolutely true. While this Recruiter has your best interests in mind and my goal is to make you and my client happy (because then I had a really good day) it is the client who ultimately decides what is best for them and it is they who cut a check in my name.

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The Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal 2010 Fast 50 companies

The Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal has announced their 2010 Fast 50 companies based on 3 year revenue growth.

Here is a link to their story

What follows is the list with a link to their company web site:

1 Calabrio Inc.

2 Jobs2Web

3 Quantum Retail Technology Inc.

4 Probus OneTouch

5 Horizontal Integration

6 Crave

7 BERG Professional Staffing

8 Tactile Systems Technology Inc.

9 NumberWorks

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Who Are The 99ers?

Because of the presentations I do online and in the community on job search, networking and LinkedIn I have met a lot of people with heart breaking stories about how the Great Recession has impacted them and their families.

I also know many people who have been completely untouched from the economic hell that many are going through. Yes they worry about what might happen and they may save more than they used to but generally have been untouched.

On the other end of the spectrum are a group of people who are now called the , those who have exhausted all unemployment benefits.

60 Minutes did a story on them and I thought it would be a good idea to post the video here as sometimes I hear people make comments about the long term unemployed being lazy, unwilling to take any job or being unskilled.

For the folks who I have met, this could not be further from the truth.

Here is the video (there maybe a 1 minute commercial inserted in it):

Minnesota Business, Technology, Recruiter And HR And Sports Blogs Updated

What follows is an update (32 blogs) to my blog roll. These blogs are also added to my project.



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Hiring Minnesota IT Pros? Need A Hand? Call Me

Nerd Search Logo Large

It is time for me to practice what I preach. I tell people all the time they need to market themselves be it as an employee, consultant, employer or a business.

I say that you need to let people know you are available and if not know, build the relationship for down the road.

Disclaimer: I hate doing it for myself.

No really, I hate doing it.

Oh the irony...

But here I am in what might be the first time on my blog saying this, if you are:

  • sourcing and recruiting IT professionals and could use a hand...
  • working with search and consulting firms and they are not delivering...
  • hiring a team of IT folks...
  • wanting a relationship with a recruiter who is about relationships and not transactions...
  • stuck on a “purple squirrel” search and want someone to dedicate their time to it...
  • looking for someone to do a training session, half or full day for your recruiter and HR team...

... give me a call or send me an email.

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