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"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure." - Bill Cosby

I often get asked "what's the best job search board" or "who are the best recruiters".

There are so many resources for job search, literally, tens of thousands. And, as with everything in life, what is considered the "best" is sometimes a matter of opinion.

But generally speaking, "best lists" are a good indication of where to focus your time. Today's post focuses on some of the "Best of" lists.


  • Executive Search Firms and Job Recruiters - Another list, but this one of "external recruiters", Careeroverview.com provides a brief overview followed by a list of the top recruiters. In addition to this, there are links to additional resources directly above the list of recruiters. While you are there, you can explore some of the other resources on this site (tabs at the top of the page as well as popular career links to the left).

Job Search Boards:

  • The Top 10 Other Job Web Sites for Job-Seekers - Quintcareers.com's list of the top 10 job search boards. 10 is probably a good number to start, but you will most likely want to make a smaller list if you are to have any time to use some of the other job search resources. There are embedded links to each of the sites. Another great job search site, there are tons of resources on Quintcareers and definitely worth your time reviewing these as well.
  • Top job search engines - the list - A much bigger list provided by Internetinc.com, but don't worry, it starts with the top 10. If you feel the need to expand beyond the top 10 (or you need to search in other areas), there is an additional list for the Americas followed by a list for Europe and the Middle East. Don't forget to take a look at the right hand side of the page for other related links.

Can't have the best without at least what not to do:

  • The 7 Bad Habits of Ineffective Job Seekers - Just not finding a job? Well maybe you have some of the bad habits on this list (posted on weddles.com). As the title indicates, there are 7 bad habits listed here. Each habit has a brief paragraph explaining what not to do. If that is not enough, go to the top of the page where you will find links to additional related links for your job search.

Good luck in your search.

Author: CareerAlley

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