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September 28, 2010


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Steve Levy

There are so many ways to enhance ads but the "experts" still use words such as prestigious or phrases like "world class" (incidentally, conduct a Google search with the following words in quotes - "we are a world class").

Ads suck because recruiters focus on the job description and not on the job to be performed or the mountains to be scaled.

Most ads suck because most recruiters suck...

Jon Parshall

Well, that's one advantage of being COO and having been handed the job of running HR (such as it is) here at the ranch. I can write the job ads any way I please. You can probably see why I didn't fit in real well at Deloitte. I write our ads this way, because this is honestly who we are.

I'd like to thank Paul for having broken his rules and posted this: much appreciated.


-jon parshall-
COO (and ostensible HR Guy)

Ask a Manager / Alison Green

Ha, I JUST posted a rant about job ads that suck, this weekend! It's here:


Kevin Stirtz

Paul - This was a worthy exception to your "no job posting" policy. It's nice to see people willing to have fund and let their personality show through. Of course, coming from the "Overtake Microsoft" video and the "Lame Duck" challenge, this is not surprising. They sound like awesome people to work with.

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